Tuesday 14 December 2010

When your work keeps you busy....

.......You bloody can not blog!!! 

Excuse me for the language, but thats how raged and guilty I feel at the moment for blogging less frequently over the past two weeks.

Yes, this post is bit of a rant, confession and excuse. Lately, work has been quite busy. I havent really had much time  in my hand to blog or keep up with my bogdosts' blogs.

By the end of this week, things will calm down on the work front and may be I can get back to blogging, something I absolutley love to do. Till then, I will miss my blog and my blogdosts' blog.


  1. ...and we'll be waiting :)
    come back soon!

  2. Don't worry...we will wait patiently..

  3. @S: Thank you. Cant wait to get back to blogging.

    @Alka: Thank you so much. I need to read your posts too @gingerchai sometime soon.

  4. hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm i waiting your comeback century !!!

    Jai Ho Manglamy HO

  5. Its your blog, feel at home. Come when you like, and write when you want.
    We are people who are looking from the windows, we always wait, until something happens. Just don't put out the lights, that makes watching a little bit tough. Hehe, just non-sense, but write at ease, thats all.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. You are right. I too feel it at times. But my loyal readers always bore up with me. Hope you will make a come back soon. Take care.

  7. @ Vish: Thank you. I will come back soon.

    @BA: Nope...i wont be gone for long. Please continue supporting me.

    @Neeha: it sure does happen like that...tooooooo busy and no time for blogging.

    @Anu: Aww...your posts are not boring at all. Perhaps your readers do not have much time in their hands to leave a comment. I will surely read your december stories and all your forthcoming posts.

    Thank you all. I appreciate your comments. That is what makes blogging so special for me.

  8. I think of my blogger friends all the time. But don't you worry. We'll be waiting patiently :)

  9. easy lady. u need to take inspiration from me- 2 maheene me ek baar :P

  10. @ Ajay: thank you. I know you are one of my loyal blogdosts.

    @ Pranjal: Na..apni fatte ki dukaan zyaada din tak khaali mat chodna...


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