Monday 20 December 2010

Fultu Bakwaas - Sheela aur Munni

Once upon a time in the city of filmisthaan lived two girls namely, Munni and Sheela. Sheela was Munni’s devar’s ex girl friend.

MUNNI  had gulaabi gaal, sharaabi nain and nawabi chaal. She had 'phigure' like that of Shilpa and charisma like that of Bebo. Then one day, she went to a desi daaru adda did some 'thumkey', 'latkey' ,'jhatkey' and thus became 'badnaam'. Sareaam she offered herself to her darling and further went on to become a Zandu Balm - not a pain relieveing Zandu balm but one that induces pain in the err...head of 'mango people' who like to watch some descent shows on TV and listen to some descent music.
Maaney na Maaney koi, yeh duniya was sheela ki deewani - so claimed SHEELA herself.  During the mid 2010, Sheela had entered into ‘Rajneeti’ and she used to elegantly dress in saaris and salwar kameez. But one day, she went to a metropolitan discotheque with skimpy outfit and danced to some peppy beats and announced that she was ‘jawan’. Little later Sheela suffered from amnesia as she kept screaming ‘whats my name, whats my name ??

Now Munni’s 'badnaami' and Sheela’s 'jawani' are well publicised topics in the Indian media and have constantly filled in newspaper columns, TV, Radio, SMS,  you tube videos, blog posts etc. The music artists who like to make remix videos by picking popular songs and featuring in them with minimal clothes are disappointed with Munni and Sheela because together Munni and Sheela have put these artists out of game. Poor guy Sallu is also upset because pehely bhaabhi badnaam hui aur ab ex-girl friend haath nahi aa rahi hai!
FM radio stations and other websites across India have analysed who among the two is more popular based on various parameters such as branding, costumes, latkey jhatkey etc etc . They  have confirmed that Sheela is more popular than Munni. Rightly so, afterall Sheela,  is 'jawaan' as well as 'badnaam' whereas Munni is just badnaam.

Munni and Sheela probably lived happily ever after becoming badnaam and jawaan and generating revenues for 'filmisthaan' and for themselves by signing up for endorsements.

OK, Kahaani khatm. Serious stuff now - I can't believe I am writing about these item songs. But these songs have taken our nation by storm. I am not in favour of these songs but I would be lying if I say Idid not watch these videos.(how else would I be writing about these songs?). I was disappointed with Katrina and also felt disgusted when I watched the song but I have been wondering though if there is any point criticising these songs? Who is to be blamed - the movie makers, lyricists or the actors? Why would they not make such item songs? Afterall, they are there for making money and such songs do generate huge revenues. The truth is film makers are only going by the demands of the modern day film industry and  liberalisation of mainstream cinema. The best the viewers can do is to hold onto their remote controls and also hold other plans on a Sunday afternoon rather than going to watch Dabaang or Tees Mar Khan.


  1. ROFL AH...loved the way the story has been put up :D

    And loved the way the post logically ended :)

  2. Oh man these songs are played allover these days and ultimately, its a pain listening to them any more.

  3. Absolutely agree with the last and sleaze sell.
    And the result is women become commodities. Unfortunate!

  4. ha ha these songs sound good!!

    Jai ho Mangalmay hO

  5. Films portray what happens in society and what sells. Remember its Gulzar who wrote Beedi song for Bipasha, after all those meaningful melodies in 60s and 70s

  6. Even though you couldn't imagine doing it, you did it.
    But then as you said, user discretion required.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. ho ho ho ho hoh hoh ha ha ha ahah haha ahah I cant stop laughing now ... now going to go and watch both the songs AGAIN :)


  8. @Nu: Thank you.
    Congrats for the tangy tuesday pic of your post.

    @Yasha: yes, evryone is talking about these songs. I understand all the discs in India are playing Sheela

    @Alka: True. katrina didnt have to do it. She was doing well with her acting in Rajneeti and few others with Akshay before this.

    @Vish: sunidhi did complete justice to the song. That is all I can say for your comment. Jai ho Mangalmay ho.

    @Pesto Sauce: Hello and Welcome. i agree, art immitates life. westernisation of youth, globalisation of cinema, liberalisation of cinema have all led to such songs being made. right, right it was gulzzar who discovered the beedi could be lit by rubbbing onto bipasha..

    @Anshul: After reading your comment pakka yakeen ho gaya ki I wrote it despite imagining not to do it. You got me there, didnt you?

    @Bikram: hahaha...apney colleagues math dikhao video...they will get a wrong impression of bollywood. afterall bollywood mein Taarey zameen par, khosla ka ghosla et al bhi bantey hain.

  9. did not made me smile but made me laughed...very nice humorous post with a question too...

    Thanks for the sweetest reply on my post
    Always be Happy :)

  10. where's my comment gone? boohoo !! :(

    i was shocked when i saw u had 'also' done a comparative analysis of the two ladies and their charm :/ phew.. m fed up of all the media hype and the people going gaga abt the two numbers.. but am soooooooooooooooooo glad that you had a 'sane' perspective to offer in the end... proud of u! mwah..!! :) :)

  11. @Poonam: Thank you.
    I meant what I typed in your blog. Such an amazing read it was. I was touched by the poems. Keep it up.

    @ S: Had you left a comment earlier? I did not see it?
    Thank you for re typing. I got a facebook quiz from a friend asking who I preferred - Sheela or Munni...hey bhagwaan!!! That was heights !!! that led me to write this post.
    Thank you soooooooo...much.

  12. ok... i can't play saint and say i don't like 'em. i love both songs. they go good on your eyes :P :P
    first time I watched munni badnam, i thought- oye, aise gaane to main bhi likh sakta hoon :P

  13. Fair enough Pranjal. The song is a definitely there are people who like it.

    Sachi, Gaanon ke lyrics itney simple hai na aajkal..zyaada mehnat nahi lagta hoga likhney ke longer those meaningful songs with deep meanings are made..such as Tujhsey naaraz nahi zindagi, Dekha ek khwab tho yeh silsiley hue etc etc....

  14. Brilliant. A laughter drug!
    thank you...

  15. Hi there!

    Must say, I loved the way you wrote!! great!! enjoyed it every bit. but yes, true, jatka matka sells like hot cakes, what to do with it.

    but now after listerning to this song n number of times by now, i find myself tapping my foot on it, psst!!

  16. @Anu: :) glad you enjoyed the post.

    @Restless:Welcome back. Thank you!
    Fair enough. I must say,Sunidhi did complete justice to the song. The song is better to listen to than to watch.

  17. Lolxxx.... very well written.. u executed it so well

  18. Welcome Tejaswee. Thank you so much.


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