Wednesday 15 December 2010

F.R.I.E.N.D.S.....I'll be there for you.....

............When the rain starts to pour
I'll be there for you, like I've been there before.
I'll be there for you, cause you're there for me too.... 

After an hour long conversation with my friend who lives in India, I have just come off the phone. I do not get to talk to her often. Nether do I get a chance to see her every time I visit India. Yet, she is one true friend who has always been with me and I know she will be with me forever. She can listen to what I don’t say .

Looking back, I realise, I made some friends, lost some friends, and then made some more, lost some more and......This is pretty much the same with every one of us, isn’t it?  Friends come, friends go. Sometimes we do the leaving, sometimes we are left behind. Yet, all of us have few very special friends who have been with us always and will be with us forever.

True friends are hard to come by. If you have a true friend/s treat them as special. Several years from now,  if you were to look back, you might still find them with you.


  1. hey AH I just posted something on the lines of friends :)

  2. well after a few years, I don't want to look back to search for my friends, I just want to look sideways, to find them alongside.

  3. Nice post, AH. I love all my friends and can't imagine where would I've been without them. For me, friends = life = fun :)

  4. The road is never long between friends...!! i love tht one....i like ur writing skill ...u write something real in a real manner!!

    Jai ho Mangalmay HO

  5. Sweet...many friends come and go but the few stays forever :)

  6. SO TRUE.. SO VERY TRUE.. I do beelive with all my heart on that ... friends is a beatuiful relation.. I always advocate that my blog is full of articles on friendship

    THat reminds me i shud call my friend tooo :) True friends are hard to come by pity we sometimes loose them ove a silly thing and by the time we find out its too late...

    Glad to read a post like this


  7. so true!
    ..and with every friend, you leave behind a part of ur life..which later becomes a fond memory..

    p.s: love the rembrandt's soundtrack :)

  8. @Blasphemous aesthete: Thats correct. Hope your true friend/s are always always with you.

    @Ajay: Thank you. same pinch.

    @Vish: Thank you sooooooooo...much.

    @Beyond Horizon: Thank you. ( i havent been able to read your post today. From the preview in my reader, i gathered it is very nice. Shall catch up with that post soon)

    @Bikram: Thank you so much. Yes, i have read some of your posts about friends/ship. I have lost a very good friend to some silly misunderstanding...I wish I had acted more wise..too late now.

    @S: Very true. I cherish memories of some good times I shared with my friends.
    I need to listen to that soundtrack.

  9. "True friends are hard to come by"..that's it.

  10. I am glad you agree with me Anu.


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