Thursday 9 December 2010

Am I addicted to blogging?

Am I addicted to blogging?
Has my TV hour become blog hour these days? 

NO , I don’t miss my favourite TV programmes Sasuraal Genda phool or X factor in order to blog.

Do I Mental blog all the time these days? 

NO, I don’t think about blogging when I am driving, cooking, walking, reading, watching TV and  people watching?

Do I regularly log in to e blogger even when I am busy at work? 

NO, I have my blogger page and RSS feed always open on my desktop.

Do my friends and family complain that of late I don’t give them enough time

NO, They are fine if I say I want to spend some time in front of the PC.

Do I lose track of time when I am in front of computer? 

NO, because I am sitting in front of a PC, I put it to blog related use and not the other way round.

Do I write posts during working hours?
NO, during work hours, I only jot down things that are of interest of me.

Do I see everything that goes on around me as  a potential blog post? 

NO, I can see two squirrels fighting for a nut on the tree outside my window without thinking that it is blog worthy. I can watch an interesting documentary on TV without thinking that it is blog worthy, I can recollect the fond memories of my childhood without thinking that it is blog worthy. I read other blogs and do not get tempted to write on a similar topic.
Do I feel anxious when I have not written a post for four days  or when I have not replied to my comments or if I have not commented on my favourite bloggers’ blog for four days?  

NO, I take it easy and don't think about blogging until I am actually writing a post.

Are all the above answers true ? -  NO


  1. Did I find a great blog? the answer is a big YES! This is awesome Happy. I loved that squirrel para. Ah beautiful..Creative(the whole post). You inspired me too. I have to come back for your next post now. :)

  2. I am sure most of my answers would be 'YES'.
    Staying in home jobless,this is the only thing I am doing with perfection:P

  3. O yea! I knew that was coming :)
    With such awesome blog posts that you write..u cant be Not addicted to blogging ;)

    Keep writing. First time here. Love it!

  4. ha ha ha .......its really interesting interview!!

    Jai HO Mangalmay hO

  5. Addicted to Blogging you :- NAAAAAAAA

    it shows , all replies prove you are not addicted... SO maybe you shud spend more time on blog it may go sad otherwsie :) he he heehhe

    do i mean what i say :- NAAAAAAA


  6. @ANU: Did I like your comment? - YES I did. Thank you very much. yep..I saw these squirrels other day fighting for a nut. I could not capture the photos...else that would have been on this page by now :) :)

    @ Neeha: I am planning to quit my job sometime soon. I will probably write two posts then at this rate:)

    @ S: Welcome to my blog. Thank you very much. I will visit your blog shortly my blogdost.

    @ Vish: Thank you. Jai Ho Mangamay ho.

    @ Bikram: Mere hi andaaz mein mujhe feedback eh? Cool. Thank you so much.

    Thank you so very much all of you.

  7. I wish I could take it easy...Since I am new blogging as like an addiction.
    By the way I watch Sasural Genda phool is the least melodramatic one.


  8. Addiction? I don't think so.
    And how soon do you blog a new one, its a long gap, more than a day, how could that be an addiction? its a looooong period.

    Nice post, interesting style.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. hahah..Self interrogation?? Good one and how truthful.Keep it up.Will be waiting for your other interesting post.:)

  10. only if it was and addiction for me. for me reading has become a disease. padhne se fursat mile tab to likhe...

  11. @ Basphemous asthete: welcome to my blog. I am trying nott to get adcited to blogging. I am trying to spend some time on walking, cooking, reading, watching TV and chatting too along with blogging. That is why I am allowing few days between each post. I was hoping to write a post every alternate day but December has had few year end lunches, get togethers etc that has kept me away from the blog. Hope to write more from eary january.

    @ Yashs: Thank you. I saw your pic today. Did not leave a comment. Will re visit and give you feedback.

    @ Pranjal: koi baat nahi. Hopefully the more your read, more better your posts will be whenever you decide to write. I will wait for your posts coz you sure do write very well and like i mentioned I like the idea of calling it miya fatte ki dukaan.

  12. @ Alka: it is so easy to get addicted to blogging.
    i havent watched Sausuraal genda phool for a week now. Hope to catch all the missed episodes today.

  13. Haha AK, you are just so cute. I read it all through and laughed at the last answer :) I am addicted to blogging too and don't know how to deal with it. If you ever come up with something, share with us, okay? :)

  14. Thank you Ajay. Sure, sure if I find a tip to deal with bog addiction, I will share with you. But isnt it amazing, how you connect with your blogbuddies? The more you read about their posts, the more you begin to know them and the more you connect with them. for, that reason, I am not too worried about my blog addiction.


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