Sunday 12 December 2010

How to get noticed in the blogosphere?

Image Courtesy: Dave Walker

To be frank, I am not sure I can give tips on how to get noticed in the blogosphere because, firstly, I am not a notable blogger and secondly, if I knew how to get noticed in the blogosphere, then you would not find this post on my blog but on other websites. Therefore, I will keep this post as short as possible.

I am yet to find my niche in the blogosphere. Still suffering from what is called the Writer’s Block. Couple of times, I wrote posts about current political issues because,  generally, socio political bloggers get more attention.  But when I read the final write up, I myself did not like it. How was anyone else going to like it? So there it was, in my dashboard, no one read it, except me :(

Then I wrote a post poking fun at celebrities. It was great in every respect but not in getting across the humour that it was intended to convey. Again, that post did not make it to my public page.

I grew up reading Tinkle and Archies. I thought I could write one of those 'suppandi' jokes each day. I remember those jokes vividly ..afterall, I narrate them everytime I hang out with my friends. Perhaps, it is time now to share those jokes in the blogosphere. Good stuff! but the downside is I need  to have artistic skills to draw 'suppandi' and his 'master'. I quit drawing since the day I attempted to draw an elephant and my team players could not guess it in the pictionary game and we lost.

I am a movie buff and watch hell lot of bollywood movies so I thought may be I should write about movie reviews. But hey, only one who watches a movie can write a review on that movie, right? In the last few months, I have watched so many bollywood movies but all of them only for first few minutes. Not because, I didnt have time to watch the complete movie but the movies were so damn boring that I could not watch them any longer than the initial fifteen minutes......I just could not. Kites, Raavan, Action Play to name a few.

Many of my posts are simply about something that is currently happening in my life or something that happened in the past. Why would someone be interested in knowing about a someone somewhere who writes about something and who knows a little about the loooooooot of things happening in the Indian politics, bollywood, Big Boss 4 etc?
Oh......just realised, I had begun this post to share  tips on how to get noticed in the blogosphere. Sorry for moving out of scope. So, coming back to tips, I have come to the conclusion that you become a noticed blogger by writing for yourself and using your own original ideas.

Keep up the good work, blogbuddies. That is the best tip I have for you and ME at the moment.


  1. That was a worthy suggestion.
    Now, one tip that I'll give to avoid the writer's block:
    Don't be a writer Just, be yourself.
    I'd appreciate anyone who'd be what he/she is.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Great pic chart...This is your personal space and you are free to write what you want...That's the beauty of blogging.
    Enjoy the journey!

  3. Write what you feel strongly about, what moves you. Don't know whether am qualified to give this advice - but write from the heart.

    And movie reviews are mostly boring! Very few get it right. Most of them end up giving out the story.

  4. As far as I know,write a blog honestly and leave the 'followers' part..
    They will be genuine only if we are genuine..

  5. You doing a great job dear.I enjoy your posts and for you(and me) its only early days in blogosphere,who knows one day we might become famous bloggers;)

  6. I would not give any advice as I am a novice myself. I'd just say I love your blog so just keep writing, anything that you like :)

  7. anywhere to get noticed u should have two things- quality and right marketing. Put it in context with blogging and lo, u have to get noticed.
    I'm good at neither when comes to blogging though :P.
    by the way i updated my blog with a new post. please do check :)

  8. @BA: Thank you. very valuable tip.

    @Alka: Thank you. I agree with you.

    @ Purba: Thank you. Valuable suggestion indeed.

    @ Neeha: 100% Sahi. Thank you.

    @ yasha: Thank you so much. Lets keep up the good work and move from post to posts stronger.

    @Ajay: Thank you soo much.

    @Pranjal: Rightly said. Thank you
    ok, I will read your post st away and will give you my feedback.

  9. You always nail it. Keep it going. Blessings.

  10. Oh, you like Archies...that's sooo nice! I LOVE Archies ever since I found the first one long, long time ago. I have a HUGE collection of the digests back in my room in Delhi, and even here, I have a pretty good collection. Only problem being you can't find them here much. One time I imported a big pack of Archies from US paying a ridiculous amount in shipping. LOL. But Archie stories have lots of good morals as well, you can share some of them sometime, WITHOUT drawing. :)

    Oh and thanks for the tips on becoming a famous blogger.


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