Thursday 16 December 2010

A litte fact


While I was sitting on a bench and sipping into my hot chocolate at the shopping mall this evening, my eyes caught sight of this (probably) three year old girl playing with a balloon. Her mother was chatting to someone on her mobile phone. The little girl appeared extremely joyful to throw and kick the balloon around. She was applauding and shouting joyfully  every time the balloon flew up and landed either on the flower pot by the side of the bench that her mother was sitting on or on the lap of the old lady who was sat on the other side of the bench. The girl was simply fascinated to watch the balloon bob about when she gently patted it. The fun continued for few minutes until there was a noise DHUBBBBBB and the balloon burst :(. Initially, The little girl was frightened by the bang of the bursting balloon and when she realised that she had lost her toy, needless to say, she was in tears.

It was disappointing to see the happy child crying. But what moved me was what the girl's mother said to her to comfort her.  She told the little girl, ''You had great fun until few minutes ago. Let me know when you feel better again and we can ring daddy and tell him how the balloon moves high when you pat it gently’’.
Isn't that amazing how putting things in perspective helps to handle disappointments? The little girl understood that minor disappointments don’t last forever as she was explaining to her dad about the good time that she had had with the balloon. 


  1. what a way to calm down the kid! Liked it and you for observing and putting it here :)

  2. awwww.... that entire description of the little girl made me want to go n pick her up or pull her cheeks :)

    n talking abt perspective.. it's a great quality of little minds to forget easily and start anew..
    it's we idiots who cling to disappointments and keep grudges! na?

  3. What a cute post it was! We can always from a child, their innocence, simplicity and curiosity. I feels that that as we grow up we unnecessarily become complex. Putting things in perspective and looking at it from a child's mind always makes things simple. This was very nice post, AH :)

  4. that was beautiful, and wise of that lady.
    Thank you for sharing.


  5. @ Nu: Thank you. Yes, I was very impressed by the way the mother handled the situation.

    @S: The girl was very cute. True, little minds are so innocent and pure. Amazing how it chnages when we grow up.

    @Alka: Thank you...

    @Ajay: Thank you. Couldnt agree more with you.

    @Blasphemous Aesthete: Thank you. yes the girl's mother seemed very wise.

  6. nice post. Life is full of possibilities.

  7. Thanks Anu. So is a series of events.

  8. I quite like how you observe and capture these little gems from the normal daily life!


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