Saturday 18 December 2010

Things 'SOME' people do/think when their car breaks down....

 ....apart from waiting for the mechanic.
1) Attempt to start the car again.....just in case the car has sorted itself out after you rang the recovery service. 

2) 1 hour 10 minutes???  Oh Come on, what is the mechanic doing?  Why does he need an hour to reach the site? Do the recovery services not understand what 'quick service’ means? What are they paid for?   

3) Decide to listen to some music while looking around. …'Chor bazaari do nainon ki’…beep beep....go to next song….'haulley haulley ho jaayega pyaar'... …beep beep..... OFF. For some reason, it doesn’t feel right place, time and mood for music.

4) Search in the dashboard and cabins for some CDs, chocolates or something to nibble.  

5) Check the time… How long ago was the phone call made? Good Lord, why is the mechanic still not here? 

6) Keep an eye on the approaching vehicles. Just in case the mechanic cannot find the car and you need to wave to the mechanic!

7) Ah! perhaps it is time to ring some friend who you would have otherwise not bothered to call. You search for their name on your contacts and then for some reason decide to not to call.

8) Realise that you are very hungry and, thinking of food, you also realise that you have not kept the milk jar back in the fridge after use in the afternoon...damn! it will go stale and you cannot have a cup of tea IF and when you go home.

9) You wonder whether to ring the mechanic once again ? Just to find out if he is on his way! 

10) Hunch forward at the sight of an approaching vehicle. All the oncoming vehicles appear to be recovery vehicles until they drive past you.

11) THANK GOD as the mechanic arrives and hope that nothing major is wrong with the car.

12) When the car is fixed, you take A BIG SIGH OF RELIEF, thank the mechanic and drive away thinking you have found a topic for your blog post today!


  1. lol :)

    for the next time,god forbid if this happens again,keep a book in your least the time will pass by peacefully :)

  2. ooooooo... and that happened to you!
    :) first hand experience, eh?
    how do you manage to get into such situations, AH? :) first that 'under the table gossip' and now this :P u have some adventurous life :)
    i have no complains though, it makes for good blog posts that make me smile..all the time!


  3. I might even write it in rough when the car breaks down and I have no better thing to do apart from waiting. Or maybe, I'll pass that thought and stick to reading the number plates of the traffic that passes by.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. haha. high time you learnt basic trouble shooting of a car. it'll help and it's not difficult.
    by the way, i'm a mechanical engineer with a famous Indian automobile firm :P

  5. Hey AH,was away from the blogosphere for a while and missed your previous posts but read them today and as usual loved them.
    See how blogging made you an optimist and how a troublesome moment turns up into a good blog post.So should I say keep blogging or should I say,keep falling into troubles;)haha..Just joking have great day!!

  6. @NU: yes, a magazine or a book woud have helped to kill time.

    @S: haha..u got me. Those who know me personally have asked the same question to me on many occasions. I always seem to get into such situations. I have also been advised to write a book on 'my experiences' by a friend. Apparently, I coud write volumes!Thank you for your support S. It means a lot.

    @Anshul: (finally I managed to catch ur name from your blog). How I was wishing, I had a pen with me then, I so much wanted to write. Too bad, I dont have a pen in my purse or in my car.

    @Pranjal: I agree, it woud have heped to open the bonnett and identify what was wrong. I just went blank and apart from attempting to start the car a few times, I did not resort to any other troubleshooting. I see, I am glad to have a blogdost who is a mechanical engineer and who works for a renowned automobile firm.

    @Yasha: hey Yasha, Welcome back. how have you been? working on any new painting??
    Thank you soooooooo much for your kind words of appreciation and continuous support. It certainly, means a lot, lot.....
    haha..true..falling into troubles makes a blog post these days.

  7. he heeheh is that what happeend to you ... nice points and a good blog psot toooo.. :)

    you cud phone a friend :) he he hehe

    I hope the car is fine now ..


  8. Hi Bikram, Yes, my car broke down bang on a no parking zone! The recovery guys were experiencing high volume of calls and could not attend to me for over an hour. I IMPATIENTLY waited for the mechanic to come. Irony, of it all was, when the guy fixed the car and I wasd riving away, i was missing the time that I spent waiting for the mechanic, as it had allowed me some opportunity to think about stuff!!

  9. Oh that happened to you! Thank god the mechanic arrived. Hehe you are too much. :) We bloggers are crazy, we always look for potential blog material. :)

  10. @ Ajay: haan, mere saath hua voh .haha right..incident kuch hua nahi ki mental blogging shuru ho jaata hai.

    @Anu: Thank you...

  11. the weahter aint good anymore .. Do take precatuions and make sure the car is fit to do the journey ...

    Take care ...

  12. tell me about it Bikram...I am not taking the car out now but daily I spend half an hour simply turning the engine on to prevent the battery running off.


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