Friday 3 December 2010

Ae dil e Naadan..


Naadaan dil.......
Rangeen Khayal...
Masoom Sapney..
Sunaharey Pal........
Bachapn ke wo din
Ajay and Pepper  (two of my blogdosts from the blogsphere) wrote beautiful posts about their childhood misconceptions. After reading those sweet posts, I am quite tempted to jot down some of my childhood misconceptions. Here we go:

1)      I assumed  Television had the largest population - yes, I believed that all who appear on TV lived inside the TV. Especially the DD1 news readers, the actors and thousands of people who gather in the stadium to watch a cricket match or republic day parade. I also, wondered what did the actors do when the news readers were reading the news and vice versa. Also, what did all of them do when our TV was switched off?

2)      In Hindi movies, whenever the actors disguised by pasting a mole on their face, i believed that others could not recognise them. Yet, I wondered why I was able to recognise the actors? I assumed that is because I was very smart.

3)      I believed a  Foreign country meant AMERICA. Srilanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh were neighbouring countries. I didn’t know about other countries then.

4)     When my cousins and I used to gather and the elders would suggest a game – '' one who keeps quiet for the longest period is GOD''. I believed that was true and wanted to be quiet more than anything else.

5)      When someone said ''pet mein choohey daud rahey hain'' I believed there were rats inside their tummy and felt YUCK.

6)      During the fighting sequence in the movies, I used to be quite fascinated by the ‘Dishum Dishum’ noise. I used to hit my brother and wonder why there was no dishum dishum noise?

7)      Just before bedtime, when Amma and Papa used to ask me to brush my teeth, I used to pretend to be asleep. Dad used to say that if someone is asleep, then they should snore. Immediately, I used to make snoring noises, assuming that they would believe I was asleep. This was the case on most of the evenings, and I believed that I was smarter than them.

8)      I used to hide behind the bedroom door and shout ‘bhow’ at my parents when they entered the room and actually believed that they got scared.

 9)   I was clever enough to know that playback singers sang for actors. But, when Aamir and Juhi  in (QSQT) were lost in the forest singing (gazab ka hai din), I wondered Where were Udit and Alka? 

These are a few that I can vividly remember. I am sure, there were many more. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this post. Thank you Ajay for encouraging me to write this post. Thank you Pepper for the original idea and the tag.


  1. Lol! No. 5 was quite logical. I used to take these expressions quite literally too!

    No. 7 is innocence personified :) And same pinch on no. 8. I wondered how the dishoom sound came too.

    You sound like a cute child :D

  2. Thank you pepper for your lovely comment plus the inspiration to write this post.

  3. he he heh :) Reading all these articles reminds me all those thoughts tooo, the mole on the cheek... I was clever too it seems I recognised the actors as well..

    and pet main choohe.. oh well thats ok but imagine the PET MAIN HAATHI kud rahe hain..what will happen then he he hehe

    loved the dhishum dhishum but u beat ur brother BAddddddddd :)


  4. :) :) hindi movies so funny na...''mole on the cheek'' was the only way of disguising for long time, then came a time when actors wore 'burkhas' to disguise. mein haathi ka koodna...:)

    I know, bit of 'dadagiri' there trying to beat my brother. I am no longer like that.

  5. Ah! Hindi movies...they always told us something really crazy about the world and perhaps about ourselves.
    Loved your blog. I am following you. It is great to meet people and get connected through the fantastic medium of blogs, isn't it?
    Lots of Love,

  6. I was smiling all through your post, AH. You were so cute and adorable. You did dhishum-dhidhum with your brother..ha ha. You were one lovely, curious kid I also assumed that foreign country meant America. Someone told me that if you swallow a seed by mistake, a tree will grow in your stomach and I become scared and came running to mom :) And, you know, I had this habit of saying 'uske baad' after each like I spoke so my school teacher wrote a speech, that had 'uske baad' after each line, that I read on 15th August in front of other students and teachers. Everyone was laughing and I was enjoying that too :) Sweet memories of childhood. Thanks for such a sweet mention and thanks for writing it for us and reliving our bachpan :)

  7. You would be glad to know that we share some of the misconceptions like(1)&(3).Great women think alike!!!;)

  8. Hi dear!

    Sorry could not read the post, will read later.

    Hey, did u see the Diwali contest results on blogadda? See it and see my comment in it too :)

    no, we have not won, but see the comment there.



  9. Lol..I agree with point 3.
    It took me years to know that abroad means not only USA.
    N Pt.5 was funny
    Nice blog:)

  10. We used to fool my brother by discussing how he kicks, sings, claps etc when he is really asleep. He, like you, did everything to convince us he was fast asleep.

    Very interesting list!

  11. @Anu: Thank you so much. very kind of you. I have had a brief look at your blog. I will spend more time reading your blog and I shall visit your blog regularly. Yes, I value my blogdosts as much as I do my friends. Welcome to my blog and thank you for being my blogdost.

    @ Ajay: hahaa..uske baad kya hua? pet mein kitney trees hain abhi? very innocent.

    @ Yasha: Same pinch back pinch..hehe

  12. @ restless: hey, Yes I checked it. we were destined to meet. I am so glad as I really like your blog.

    @ Neeha: Welcome to my blog. Thank you

    @ IHM: :) Thank you

  13. That is one heck of an adorable list :)
    I'll take that up to!
    Dhishum dishum *accompanied with the wonder look* heeeehaaahhhaaaahaaaa.. It was hilarious imagining all that!
    One cute kid you were! :)

  14. S, Thank you sooooooooo much. Very kind of you.

  15. Took me into my own childhood nostalgic trip with a smile :)

    P.S > Did you receive my reply mail regarding the food recipe?

    Take care. Cheers.

  16. 1. Well they do live in there, outside its common people who live, inside, there are either good people or bad people, in some way or the other.

    5. Pet mein choohey daud rahe hain? Socho ke bhookh ke maare wo bhi mar jaayein to?

    6. I still wonder ke ye TV mein kung fu karne waalon ke sound effects real life mein kyun ni aate. I just believe, we dont do it fast enough. Maybe you should also trying hitting harder. :P

    7. Parents asked me 'so gaye ho kya' and I used to answer 'haanji'. Nowadays I am getting lessons in talking in sleep to convince them someday.

    9. Oh they were just hiding behind the bush and trees.

    Nice post.

  17. @ Lakshmi: Thank you for visiting my blog.
    YOur email was in my spam folders which i did not check until I saw your message here. I will respond to you today. Thank you sooooooooooo much.

    @ Blasphemous asthete: I would want to ive inside the TV for atleast one day.
    yuck...bhookh ke saath choohey bhi mar jaaye tho?huh...
    I cannot hit my brother now..he is a strong boy..he will hit me back..perhaps then I will hear 'disum dishum'.

    Thats gaye ho kya? ''haanji''..

    hahaha...yes Alka and udit must have been hiding somewhere behind those bushes or trees....

    Thank you sooooo much for reading my post and commenting. Do visit my blog again.


    here goes my version of childhood misconceptions

  19. Very nice Post...

    i am Also inspired by it and will surely write it on my blog...

  20. Hello Sushant, welcome to my blog. Thank you. Sure sure go ahead and write it. I would love to read that and get to know the little Sushant.

  21. @always happy..........

    You are basically from India??


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