Sunday 19 December 2010

Apparently I have a surprise gift from Santa Claus!!!!!

This Christmas is going to be special. My sister and her family are visiting me from the US. I haven't seen them outside of pictures for the last 6 years!!

As much as I am excited, my little 6 year old nephew is also very excited about this trip. For the last five years, I have been sending this lil boy gifts for Christmas via amazon, addressed to him, with a little note  saying,'' Thank you for being a good boy this year, Love, Santa Claus from London''. For the first three years of his life, he did not know, who this Santa Claus was but certainly since last two years, he has known that I was the Santa who was sending him these gifts. Nevertheless, he was pleased for the gifts that I sent him.

I am yet to buy his present this year but apparently, with the help of his Mum, he has bought me a present. Last night he called up to say that, he would be getting me a surprise gift. With all excitement I asked him what the gift was and he said it was going to be a SURPRISE!! Yet, the little boy chose to give me some clues about my Gift. Apparently,

- It comes in a box.

- It is applied on the face to enhance beauty!

- It is colourful

- It is something that I would surely love

 and most importantly it is a BIG SURPRISE!!!!

I can't wait for my MAKE UP KIT. Oops! I mean ..I Can't wait For MY SPECIAL SURPRISE GIFT from the Santa who is 6 year old!!!

I do not have words to describe the enthusiasm and effort this child has put in getting his aunt a SURPRISE gift for Christmas.


  1. Hehe. Such a cute kid. It's now his turn to give you a big surprise. :) Merry Christmas AH and convey my regards to the kid. :) Have a fabulous time. :)

  2. aww such a precious gift this is going to be for you AH !!

    Enjoy your time with the little one and didi-jeej :)

    P.S. So thoughtful and sweet of you to send him gifts in the name of Santa from London...HUGS for that :)

  3. Hey..That was a very cute post.I am reader of ur blog for quite sometime now.There is something very unique about your blog and your writing. It makes me feel happy happy :). So as soon as I log in into my system, I check ur blog and I am never disappointed. I always wished to be working in a place like London and live independently. Its not that I am not happy with my life now. All is well. I live in Bangalore, have a good job etc etc. But still there is something about working and living independently in a far away land.Anyways.. will continue to follow your blog. Keep up the good work. :)have a superb day!!

  4. Wow ! a little Santa on his way with the Big Surprise :) :)
    These small gestures of innocence and love are so precious..isnt !
    Have a lovely Christmas dear.

  5. :)
    yes its going to be a magical one for sure !!

  6. wow..this was such a cute post..a santa for a santa..lovely relation u have their with ur nephew inspite of so much distances..god bless u both :)


  7. @ Ajay: Thank you. Merry Christmas to you too. sure, I will tell my nephew about you. Just like how he gets excited when I send gifts, specifically addressed to him,, he will probably be happy if I tell him I wrote about him and one of my blogdost has sent best wishes to him.

    @Nu: Thank you, thank you. Yes, cant wait to see them.

    @Ashu: Hey. Welcome to my blog. I am so glad you posted a comment today. How else would I know you read my posts? As much as I love writing blog posts, I also like connecting with my blogdosts. Thank you sooooo........much for such kind words. Bangalore is my home town but I live in UK since the past five and half years. Life is good in England but yaar India ki baat hi kuch alag hai!! Sabhi yehi kehtey hai who move abroad i guess. I hope you get an opportunity to live and work abroad sometime soon in your career.Once again, thank you vey much for being with me and my blog and I hope you will continue to support me. Have a great day Ashu.

    @Neha: Yes, this gift is priceless! YOu have a lovely christmas too.
    on a different note, I hope your friend takes sometime to call you and send greetings to you and your hubby. Here's me wishing you and your hubby a merry christmas and a very happy and prosperous new year.

    @Paulami: hey, how have you been?
    yes, I will remember this surprise make up kit for ever.

  8. @ Sarah: hello and welcome. Thank you so much.
    yes, I saw my nephew when he was a year old kid. Since then we have relied on pics, telephone and webcams.

  9. I hope you shriek and jump in joy and act so SURPRISED when he gives u the gift .. be good now ...

    Have a good time , thought the weather is being a spoil sport hopefully it will be all cleared up by then


  10. Thats the plan. To act surprised!

    I am worried about the weather condition.They are landing on the morning of the 25th. Hopefuly, weather will get better by then and their plane will land on time.

  11. Hey... good to know ki u r from Bangalore :). And thank u so much for those wishes. Hope you have a great time with your family. Lots of love.

  12. Thank you sooo much Ashu. You have a lovely christmas and a great new year. I hope your wishes/dreams come true in the new year just as you want it to be or even better. keep visiting my blog and drop me lines when you like something or even if you dislike something.

    Bestest Wishes and Love
    Always Happy

  13. cute!!
    (i don't knw how i misssed this post before :/)
    as a kid i used to love spoiling surprises like these.. of course unknowingly :) and my sister would be soooo irritated... i would just not stop gigggggling over the surprise and the secret :P :D

  14. hello S,

    aww..that is cute! That is sooooo innocent.

  15. oh btw S, I still cannot keep mein surprises pachtey hi nahi hai.


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