Sunday 5 December 2010

A Letter to my best companion

Dear Inner Self,

I just wanted to tell you, you are my best companion and you are very beautiful, clean and pure.

I want to celebrate our two decades (and few something years) of association today. We have been together ever since I made appearance in this world. During the initial few years, I did not know you existed but as I began to explore the world and people around me, you began your curious journey of endless questioning too. Do you remember, how you influenced me to ask some sensible and some not so sensible questions such as what happens after death? why is ant so tiny? why is a rose plant called a rose plant and not a rose tree? why is a banyan tree called a banyan tree and not a banyan plant?? You curious, lil thing!

You have stood by me through thick and thin. Every time I laugh, you laugh with me. When I cry, you cry with me but you settle down sooner and offer me courage and strength by saying that it is not possible to avoid unpleasant things in life and that ''sab theek ho jayega''. You and I are in constant conversation with each other. We even smile together.

You have the ability to interpret what is wrong and right.  I just want you to know that anytime, I do something wrong, it is purely because I resist to listen to you. Yet, you stand by me and assure me that you believe that I would learn to not to repeat the same mistake in future. You are the one who enables me to face the person I see when I look into a mirror. Also, when I do something to please you, you beautifully compliment me.For instance, you know right, how I dislike going for team lunches in the office? Yet, you help me to smile and go ahead with it.

You and I share same hobbies and interests. You love the people I love. But it is fascinating to know that you also like the people that I don't particularly like. I am referring to those school mates and work colleagues that I dislike. I don't understand why you tell me that they are not so bad but they are just like me and that I need to have a positive outlook towards them. I like it when you tell me that people are always good. It is only circumstances and times that make them appear bad. I want to respect you when you tell me they have a mind as curious, innocent and beautiful as I do.

I am so proud of you that you are so easy to get along with and that you have connected very well with all my friends, my blog and more importantly my blogdosts. It is nice to see that you care for them and want to always wish them well.

You may be aware that whatever I am today, it is because of you. You had a dream for me since I was a little kid and I just followed it. Isn't it amazing how your dream is my reality today??

I know you want to see me be happy always and settle for nothing less than best in life.

Oh, dear inner self , aren't you so nice, beautiful and innocent? 

Yours Truly
Always Happy


  1. That was so nice and a clear, thoughtful, introspective deliberation on the self. Felt happy to read this post, AH :)Now I want to write something similar :)

  2. @ Ajay: Many many thanks. Yes, why dont you write to your inner self too..i mean a similar post? It will be an interesting one. Everyone's mind is so pure and nice I believe.

  3. That's a great letter..
    None has written to me:P

  4. One definitely needs to spend time looking for the inner self.I am glad you did, as with our busy schedule and so many people influencing us its really difficult to find the REAL you.Lovely post as usual.Congrats.:)

  5. @ Neeha: Thank you.

    @ Yasha: Thank you.

    @ Alka: Thank you.

  6. wowow GLAD u got THE one to look after you.. You the lucky one :)

    nice thoughtful post ... :)


  7. Such an awww post. Loved it.

  8. @ Bikram: :) Thank you.

    @ Purba: Thank you very much.

  9. I love it! It's like a love letter to your inner soul and it's conscious.

    A little self loving is a good thing.

  10. haha, I thought you'd like to know that my 'your not a robot' confirmation word was 'Rosess'....

  11. I read your Inner Self's blog. She says thank you for introducing her to a world full of friends and help her in exploring this wonderful world! :)

  12. Aww.. thanks Suni. very Kind of you.


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