Monday, 20 May 2013

My Amma Dearest

It was Mother’s day few days ago and then it was my Mother’s birthday two days ago. Hence I wanted to take this moment to thank my Mother (Amma as I call her), for all the wonderful things that she has taught me in life, how she has influenced my life and how she transformed me to be the person that I am today.  Amma indeed is very dear and special to me and the words ‘dear’ and ‘special’ don’t even come close to describing what Amma means to me. Amma is loving and caring, soft yet so tough, she has an extra pair of hands that can multitask , she has an extra pair of eyes that can see what goes on in my life without me having to tell her anything. Above all, she has a very big heart that can love me unconditionally. 

I always like to remember my early childhood when I felt closest to Amma. In fact, those days it was as if Amma was the only person I knew as I insisted to be with her all the time.  She hugged me, she kissed me, she fed me, she washed me, she played peekaboo with me, she took me with her everywhere that she went, she snuggled up at bedtime to tell stories and she sang lullabies. Apart from the usual admonitions to respect the elders, to be honest, sincere and hardworking, caring and sharing,  Amma taught me an awful lot of other important things such as not to beat my brother, not to hide behind the curtains and giggle when guests came home,  not to put puppies in laundry baskets, not to ring neighbour’s doorbell and then hide!  She also taught me basic manners such as not to lick chocolate wrappers, not to yell in public. 

As I grew bit older, Amma was still my best friend. She danced with me when I was happy. She comforted me when I was sad. When I scraped my knee, she comforted me with a gentle stroke and kiss. While I cooked my doll’s dinner, she dressed my doll, sometimes she painted with me, at other times she played board games with me, she listened to my nonstop chatters, she baked cakes for me and my friends. Amma encouraged me to have fun, try new things and do whatever that I loved to do. At the same time, she taught me the significance of education and value of knowledge. She helped me in my school assignments and projects.  I have to credit Amma for teaching me to embrace positive outlook for life and people.

As I entered my teens, though Amma was still my best friend, Amma and I started passing through alternate cycles of getting along and conflicting with each other. This was mainly because I wanted to forge my own path and step into future while Amma was constantly trying to find a balance between holding on and letting go. Holding on because I was still her little baby and she knew life is not always a bed of roses. Letting go because Amma knew I was capable and confident enough to face the world. Amma handled this phase amazingly well because at the base of all these mutuality and disagreements was her truest and deepest love for me.  During those times, Amma taught me the value of strength and endurance, the significance of love, trust and meaning of family and most importantly, she taught me to believe in myself. 

Then one day it was time for me to leave Amma’s nest. It sure did hurt her to see me go but she was very composed.   These days we are miles apart and we get to see each other once a year for few days, but Amma is always there for me. She is my pillar of strength and the glue that holds our family together. She has been and will always be my friend, confidant and inspiration. Amma is truly amazing and unbelievably perfect!

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A small BIG Lesson

The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of  empathy - Meryl Streep
Today at the supermarket I bumped into one of my ex-colleagues. On seeing her, my first reaction was to pretend to be busy shopping in order to avoid talking to her.  I know that is not a nice thing to do, but with this lady I have always tried to limit our conversations to work related matters only. However, I am glad that things turned out differently today.  Just as I was trying to ignore this lady, she came up to me and greeted me.  After exchanging pleasantries, we ended up having a long chat. 

I had always thought of her as an insensitive and selfish person. In the past, I have known her to laugh at others’ misfortunes such as someone under depression, someone getting stressed about trying to conceive, someone unable to cope with job pressure so on and so forth. Sometimes I wondered if she laughed as a reflex! 

To be fair to her, I think basically she lacked empathy and lacked the ability to step into other person’s shoes and consider how they may be feeling.  As a result she used to come off as mean and uncaring.

Surprisingly, today she came off as a nice person.  It was good to hear how she had nice things to say about some of our common friends. However, I was sorry to learn of her health issues and that currently she has been going through a particularly difficult phase in her life. This has changed her attitude remarkably and it has placed her in a position where she can truly see what goes on for others.  

Sometimes life has a peculiar way of teaching us valuable lessons. Bad things could just happen to anyone and most of the time through no fault of their own. When somebody is in despair, we may not perfectly understand their situation or what they must be going through at that moment (unless of course, we have experienced it ourselves) but certainly, we can be empathetic to them. It takes nothing away from us to show some kindness and compassion, even if it is to someone who we hardly care about otherwise.  

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge??

A guest is like rain: when  he lingers on, he becomes a nuisance
                                                                  - Polish proverb

Ho Chuka Hai Ganesh Ji Ka Visarjan,
Par Shaayad Yahin Chod Gaye Weh Apna Waahan,
Jo Mere Ghar Aaya Hai Bankar Mehmaan,
Aur Jisne Kar Rakha Hai Mujhe Bada Pareshaan.

Mere Kitchen Mein Karke Aasan Grahan,
Choohey Maharaj They Athi Prasann,
Nahi Tha Woh Koi Awesome Sight,
I was in an Awful Fright.

Jab Choohey Ji Laute Doosre Din,
Maine Sink ke Paas Rakha Rodine.
Chakh Kar Usey Gaye Choohey Ji,
Aur Phir Se Lautey Agley Din!

Us Din Laayi Main Ek Mouse Trap,
Par Nikla Woh Ekdum Crap.
Fasey Nahi Usme Choohey Saahab,
Sirf Trap Se Hua Peanut Butter Gaayab!!

Kal Pahunchi Jab Main Pooja Room,
Paaya Wahaan Par Choohey Maharaj Ka Poop!
Ab Samajh Mein Aayi Baat,
Kyon Nahi Lagey Woh Ab Tak Haath?
Karthey Jo Hongey Roz Prarthana –
''Hey Ganpathi Bappa, Raksha Karna''!

Shaam Ko Kar Rahi Thi Gaane Ka Riyaaz,
Room Se Aa Rahi Thi Choohey Ji Ki Awaaz,
Lagaaye Jo Maine Oonchey Sur,
Shaayad Lag Gaya Unko Dar,
Tab Se Chup Rahey Hain Basement Mein!
Samjhoon Isko Insult Ya Compliment Main??

Kaise Karoon Choohey Ji Ko Baahar?
Kaash Yahaan Hotey Pied Piper.
Par Mazedaar Rahi Yeh Bhaagam-Bhaag,
Jaise Tom and Jerry Ki Ho Chhed-Chaad.
Hey Ganpathi Bappa Raksha Karna
Is Baar Hoga Jerry Ko Haarna!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Leave Sooner, Drive Slower

Normal Speed Meets Every Need

Sunday  Ka  Woh  Din  Tha,
Ganesh  ji  Ka  Visarjan Tha.
Pados  Ke  Town  Mein  Jashn  Tha,
Wahaan  Jaaney  Ka   Mera  Plan  Tha.

Ghar  Se  Jaldi  Nikalna  Chaahthi  Thi,
Saadhey-Baarah  Ko  Jo  Aarti  Thi.
Par  Ho  Na  Saki  Main  Ready  Jaldi,
Socha  Kar  Loongi Ab  Drive Jaldi.

Aagey  Ja  Raha  Tha  Ek  Fatfatiya,
Tha Woh  Ford  Ka  Koi  Model  Ghatiya.
Zor  Se  Maine  Pedal  Dabaaya,  Aur
Ek  Jhatkey  Mein  Usey  Paar  Kiya.

Kiya  Usey  Jo  Overtake,
Yeh  Thi  Meri  Big  Mistake.
Wahaan  Par  Speed  Limit  Tha  Forty Five,
Par  Main  Jaa  Rahi  Thi  On  Sixty Five!!

Main Thi  Is  Baat Se Anjaan,
Ki  Speed  Camera  Had Caught  My  Action.
Gayi  Nahi  Thi  Zyaada  Far,
Ki  Peechey  Se  Aaya  Police  Car.

Kiya  Maine  Gaadi  Stop,
Saamney  Aaya  Mota  Cop.
Car  Ke  Details  Kiye  Usney  Note,
Thamaaya  Haath  Mein  Speeding Ticket.
Dekhkar  Usey  Hui  Main  Shocked
Kyonki  Man,  I  was   heavily Fined!

Beet  Chuka  Tha  Kaphi  Waqt,
Ghar  Jaana  Tha  Option  Best.
Kar  Na  Saki  Ganpathi  Ke  Darshan :-(
Par  Seekha   Maine  Ek  Big  Lesson :-)
Traffic Rules Hotey Hain Nibhaaney Ko,
Naaki Jab Marzi Thodney Ko.

Maaf   Keejiye  Ganpathi  Bappa,
Ab  Na  Hogi  Aisi  Galthi,  Pakka.
Ganpathi  Bappa  Moriya
Mangal  Moorthi  Moriya. 

Monday, 1 October 2012

E-Shopping Aur Dhokha

Re-posting this poem as winner of contest at Blogadda. 

Padhney Waalon, Yeh Yaad Rakho
Kabhi Kabhi Aisa Bhi Hota Hai -
Dhokha Bhi Hota Hai.
Hum Order Kuch Karthey Hain
Par Deliver Kuch Aur Hi Hota Hai!

Chand Hafton Pehley Ki Baat Hai,
Ek Haseen Sunday Ki Shaam Thi,
Kar Rahi Main Online Kuch Kaam Thi.
Achaanak Us Par Meri Nazar Padi Thi -
‘Ads from Google’ Par Jo Tea Bag Bani Thi,

Aur Kaphi Interesting Woh Mujhe Lagi Thi.

Kehney Ko Woh Herbal Chaai Thi,
Alag Si Hai Yeh Meri Raai Thi.
Assam Ke Baagon Mein Banthi Thi,
USA Ke Kisi Site Par Bikti Thi.
Alag Alag Flavours Mein Milti Thi,
Forty Dollars Per Tin Uski Price Thi.

Kar Diya Maine Ek Tin Order, Sochkar
Yeh Ki Ab Piyungi Tea Lime & Ginger !
Phir Aaya Woh Fine Din,
Jab Deliver Hua Teabags Ka Tin.
Khola Package Tho Hui Main SHOCKED -
Huve Jo They Saarey Teabags EXPIRED!!!!!!

Likha Maine Company Ko Ek Email Stroppy
Kaise Piyoon Main EXPIRED Tea?
Now Options You Have Only Two –
Send Me Doosra Brand New Pack
OR Just Give Me My Money Back''.

Reply Mein Veh Boley ''We Are Sorry.
We Will Send You New Pack Jaldi''.
Aaj Aaya Hai Naya Pack, Magar
Situation Hai Pehley Se Batthar –
Humein Mila Hai Sirf Empty Tin,
Tea Bags ya Tea Powder Ke BIN !!!!!!!!!!!

Ab Aur Nahi Karna Hai Complain
Aagey Se Sirf Rehna Hai Saavdhaan.
Fake Websites Se Humein Rehna Hai Door,
Nahi Karna Hai E-SHOPPING For Sure.
Kyonki Kabhi Miltha Hai EXPIRED GOOD,
Tho Kabhi Ho Jaatey Hain SIMPLY FOOLED !


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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fultu Bakwaas - Chaliye, Miltey Hain Facebook Par!!

Baat Badey Khushi Ki Hai, Pardes Mein Desi Ka Milna
Woh Relative Ho Tho, Kya Mazaa Hai Dugna?????

Mummy Boli Kuch Din Pehle,
''Suman ki Beti Se Tu Jaa Mil Ley’’.
Maine Poocha – ''Kaun Suman?''
Mummy Boli, ''Meri Cousin Suman.
Rehti Hai Uski Beti In Tere Shehar,
Likh Le Ab Tu Uska Number''.

Yun Kaise Main Ussey Milney Jaoon?
Jaan Na Pehchaan, Main Uski Mehmaan?
Mummy Boli, ''Kar Math Fikar,
Sirf Bula Usey Ghar Khaaney Par’’.

Maana Maine Ma Ka Kehna,
Kiya Phone – ''Pehchaana Behna?''
Boli Aunt Suman ki Beti,
''Haan, Tu Hai Na Aunt Kiran ki Beti?’’

Main Aayi Seedhey Point Par,
Bulaaya Usey Ghar Khaaney Par.
Behna Boli,''Mumkin Nahi Aaj Aa Paana,
Hoga Nahi Kal Bhi Aana.
Life Meri Badi Vyasth Hai,
Plans Banaana Vyarth Hai,
Rehne De Yeh Khaana-Waana,
FACEBOOK Par  Zaroor Add Karna''!!!!

Nahi Rahaa Ab Waqt Puraana,
Badal Gaya Hai Yeh Zamaana.
Ab Daur Hai Facebook Ka,
Twitter, Tumblr Ityaadi Ka.

Ek Hi Shehar Mein Rehtey Hongey,
Suman, Kiran, Parveen Ke Bachhey.
Aapas Mein Na Milthey Hongey,
Facebook Se Hi Kaam Chalaathey Hongey.
Life Meri Badi Vyasth Hai,
Dhun Uski Badi Mast Hai,
Aaj  Post Likhney Ki Chaah Hai,
Lekin Ideas Mann Mein Khaakh Hai,
Still, IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK HAI !!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-)

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