Saturday 8 January 2011

Yeh kya haal bana rakha hai??

.....Kuch letey kyon nahi??
Nah..I am not down with cold/flu. Not sure what is the matter with me. For the past few days, I have been feeling a bit restless and a bit disinterested in everything. I haven’t been watching my favourite TV shows, I haven’t been interested in cooking, I haven't been face booking much, I haven't been calling up friends.

On the blog front, I have been publishing posts that I actually did not intend to publish. I would set out to write on a particular topic but I ended up writing and publishing something totally different.
All I see around me is my neighbours taking down their Christmas decorations and putting them away in their lofts. All I hear around me is my colleagues in the office discuss about their New Year resolutions. I find this funny because they had discussed this at the beginning of year 2010  as well. After all,  it is the same resolution every year – losing weight, eating healthy, going to gym, giving up smoking and alcohol and so on and so forth - only to forget about these resolutions almost as quickly as they are made. I could have spent some time talking about my resolutions too, only if I had made any. I did not make any resolutions because I don’t believe in changing myself on one particular day of the year. I’d rather be myself and enjoy my life.It is a different thing that I cannot keep such resolutions even if I had made some.

So what is the matter with me? For sure, it is got to be ''January Blues''. 


  1. January blues...hmm... I think its quite ok to feel long as you are venting it out and not carried away
    Resolution...has any one ever stick to those?
    and as you said we have to live each day :)
    Hope to see you as cheerful as your name :)

  2. i thnk its one of those times when evrythn around in perfect n suddenly a cloud of negativity surmounts u, hope u come out of this, happens :)

  3. Sardi khasi na maleria hua.... :D

    Jokes apart but it does happens sometime... Don't worry nothing has happened to you, you are just having some "Me" time which is good... And TV, trust me any one can lose interest any day... :)

  4. :) coldarin liii

    do one thing have a couple of beers or a a couple of shots of vodka .. everything will be hunky dory again he heeheh

    I did not make any resolution for the reason that we cant keep them up so why the charade

    so hey chillax and have fun he he he

  5. No no... don't call it January blues!!
    So many days still left in Jan :) U got to find your hue, Always Happy! This is just one of the mood fall :) u'll get over it.. do something that makes u happy.. like blogging or reading :) or whatever tumahara dil chaahe :P

  6. Oh it happens with me too. Kabhi kabhi kuch bhi achcha nahi lagta and you feel like giving up on every front. I think it's just a phase of the mood and shall pass quickly. Jyada tension mat lo aap. Be happy. :)

  7. Sometimes, I too have felt this kind of situation. For me, going for a walk helps, and star gazing always helps. :)

    Take Care,

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. @Poonam: Thank you. Sure, will cheer up.

    @Vineet: yep. Primarily, it is the christmas decorations which are now being taken off makes it a bit depressing.

    @Tan: Aaj Zara der hui tumko comment karney mein. Apt! Had a 'me' time yesterday catching up with TV soaps from two weeks.

    @Bikram: haan haan Coldarin nahi peeti na main varna shaayad coldarin leney ki naubat nahi aati..:)

    @ S: You are right, its only first week of Jan....yep, will need to do some active blogging and reading. thank you.

    @Ajay: exactly...chalo bahi absey tension nahi leti...Thank you.

    @Anshul: I just returned from my walk..deliberately took a longer route today and yes, I do feel better. reading your new post about 'joker' was a bonus...really felt good. It was a very touchy post.

    Thank you all Blogdosts. I promise, I will be back with a happy post....ab main khuch hoon...thank you very much indeed. Love you all.

  9. yikes! typo...AB MAIN KHUSH HOON was what I intended to type.

  10. Oops I forgot there is comment moderation on your blog... Now how will I claim my place.... :(

    But AH happy so everyone happy.... :)
    Keep smiling... :)

  11. Hey,

    This is Sukanya, dropping in here for the first time.. landing straight from S's site.. What a pleasure to meet u!!

    coming to ur post..yeah, mood swings always happens... but thats totally fine..may be you are missing someone or something you like... and looks from your comments that u already came over it.. glad to hear that you are happy now :)

    And yes, forgot to tell u, 'Dil ki baat, blog ke saath' is so cute a name for ur site :)

    Visit my page when u get time...

    Lets keep in touch :)


  12. Hey Sukanya,

    ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to meet you. I shall certainly visit your blog. It will be nice to keep in touch. All my blogdosts have a special place in my too now onwards.

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Cheers to our dosti!

    Fond regards
    Always Happy

  13. I can relate to you AH.I think each one of us go through such mood swings,sometimes we have a reason for it and some times its just without any reason.But I feel thats perfectly normal and wouldn't last long.Take care and have fun.

  14. Cheer up dear...It happens to most of us..Come back with a bang.

  15. Alka: Thank you. yes I feel better now

  16. mood swings! It happens dear. :)

  17. Hmm...yes sometimes it happens especially after excitement about a festival or event comes to an end


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