Wednesday 26 January 2011

India Here I Come.........................................

Three great weeks ahead...
Hope time passes slowly for me...

It was one of the busiest days at work for me today. I started work early intending to finish early but it worked the other way around. I skipped lunch, ended up working late.It was a bit annoying how people expect me to finish everything before  I leave. What is the point of having an hour long handover meeting if the person taking handover from me is expecting not to receive anything in handover?

Anyways, it did not sress me too much as I have my India trip to look forward to. Isn’t that amazing how nothing else matters when you are looking forward to something with expectations?

 I am flying out early morning tomorrow. I will be in India until 19 th of Februay. Eating, Shopping, catching up with relatives and friends is on the agenda. Hence, I am not sure if I can take some time to write here. I shall ctach up with your posts once I am back from my trip and begin to feel homesick. 

Take Care. 
Always Happy


  1. Have a Safe trip ur loved ones, get pampered, shop till u drop and have loads of fun!!!


  2. Welcome India... have a nice trip get refreshed n chargedup again and be happy, rather be Always Happy....:)

  3. have a great great time AH !!

    Don't worry about this space..this space and we can wait...enjoy your time in India :)

    HUGS :)

  4. Have a great trip and enjoy...:)

  5. Heyyy.. Welcome homeland girl :))
    And lets catch up if you plan to visit Pune too.

  6. Bbye AH... Have a wonderful trip.....
    Though you would not get time to read our posts but try and post about your trip... Would love to read it... :)
    See you soon.... :)

  7. arrrrrrey wahhh!!
    Welcome welcome :)
    hope u have a funnnnn trip and come back rejuvenated.

  8. What a great feeling of coming back to India

  9. Thank you all sooooooooo much. I have landed in bangalore safe and after a big fat breakfast and two long hours of chitchatting with family, now off to get some sleep and overcome jetlag.

  10. Enjoy your time at Home.And I wish time passes slowly. Savour every moment. :)

  11. Have a nice time with ur family and friends. :)

  12. Oh...u in Blore...Where? I was in Mantri Elegance on the Bannerghatta road for 6 yrs..Moved to Delhi recently.Brigade rd, UB Mall, Garuda....

  13. oh great! Enjoy the vacation, and extra pampering :D

  14. Hey, Hi
    theres something in store for you at my blog...

    The Silhouette...

  15. Hi AH.... Hows your India trip going... Miss your posts... :)

  16. Welcome back home dear!!! I have a surprise for you in my blog, and I am giving you an extra work too. Just check out.
    And welcome hugs!


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