Tuesday 11 January 2011

Ring a Ding....Ring a Ding.....

          I am unable to take your call at the moment
Please do not keep ringing continuously
Leave a message 
And I will NOT get back to you asap.........
Bah..these mobile phones! I tell you, they always ring at the wrong time. You are driving and there it goes ring a ding..ring a ding…(a friend calling to check if you have left home yet); You are kneading ''aatta'' and there it goes ring a ding..ring a ding..(a friend calling to have a casual chat); you are in a meeting and have forgotten to put the phone on silence and to embarrass you there it goes ring a ding..ring a ding..( a friend calling to find out what’s the plan for the next weekend).When you are queuing at the checkout of the supermarket with a trolley full of stuff and juggling some more stuff in your hands, there it goes ring a ding…ring a ding..Yes, my friends always ring me at the wrong time!

It happened this evening too. As I joined the dreadfully long line at the checkout at the supermarket, my phone went off ring a ding..ring a ding...ring a ding..ring a ding...Arrgh...the modern slender compact phones....you can hear them ring but cannot find where in your purse are they hidden! I just could not locate the phone and the caller could just not stop ringing my number!! My friends! Don't you guys know what voicemail facility is for????? or may be you guys know me too well …tho kya hua if I don't return your calls promptly...please do not punish me by ringing me until I pick up the calls - Trust me guys, at times I am really unable to answer your calls!

So the phone kept ringing and my pursuit to find the phone continued and thus occurred  the HAPPY ACCIDENT of  things falling off my hand one by one and it culminated with  a PHICHHHHIKKKKKKKKKKKKKK - the pot of yogurt fell down and broke into two spilling all its contents on the ground. The ring a ding...ring a ding still continued while all the eyes were on me. I gave up looking for the phone and followed the mass in looking at the flowing yogurt.

As I reached the checkout till, I informed the lady there of what I had been up to while I was waiting in the line. She frowned and went to the  accident zone with a tissue roll to clear it up. The queue was stationary for the next few minutes until the lady joined back after clearing up. I apologised to the lady as well as thanked her profusely and finally left the supermarket. I loaded the items in the car and as I was driving back home, there it was, once again, ring a ding…ring a ding…ring a ding......ring a ding...........


  1. tell me about it.. has happened so many times to me too...those were the moments i detested my phone to the core and the continuous ringing sound is totally annoying!!! And there are some people who go to the voicemail box and drop the call after 3 seconds of silence..and then call back again.. grrr...

  2. Hi Sukanya, yeah yeah..they go to the voicemail and call back again after just few seconds.

  3. Oh dear its sometimes really difficult to decide whether these cell phones are boon or bane.They at times leave you in very embarrassing situations.I landed myself in a few of them,specially when attending some seminars.So,I make sure at least my ringtones are pleasing :)So I completely sympathize with you AH.:)

  4. n wht abt business promotional calls annoying now n then..... specially whn we r on move in busy trffic, nehow attend the call and finally happens to b a business promotional call.... it irritates really........

  5. @ Yasha: I must remember to have a pleasant ring tone next time as this time I had a funny ringtone too.

    @Irfan: Oh..the sales calls..I am so tried of them now...they ring at all odd times..

    @Tan: nahi mila comment?

  6. LOL.. For some strange reason, my phone usually rings when I'm in the shower :P. Its annoying to cut short a bath for God's sake..

    Sigh, if only people would understand :D

  7. hehe..see, i told you, mobile phones always ring at the wrong time.



    Ronie’s school is adjacent to a Mental Hospital and very often, school children enjoy watching them quarrel, snatch things from one another, singing, dancing, screaming and other funny activities from their classrooms. He explained today’s happenings to his Dad :-

    Ronie : Today they staged a drama where all gathered around the stage. Senior guy was elected their PM who allotted Ministries to efficient persons available there. Ministry of Railways, Defense, Home, Finance were allotted, all were happy, clapping and making noises.

    Dad (enjoying) : Really, then what happened ?

    Ronie : Ministry of Telecom was allotted to an ugly and dangerous looking guy. Upon allotment of this Ministry, he became upset but didn’t say anything, came near to PM, shook hand, turned back and all of a sudden slapped the PM breaking his few teeth and spec which fell on the stage. Upon this, the peaceful hall turned pandemonium and all of them started shouting and throwing chairs on each other. Media persons swung into action and finally everyone calmed down on assurance to hold a Press Conference to explain actually what happened.

    Press Conference was hell of noise but all I could hear this ugly guy said was, I quote, “I read newspapers and watch TV daily, he can’t fool me; how could this stupid PM allot me a Ministry of which, every brick has been chewed by earlier Minister in 2G Scam; offer me some other Ministry full of fruit n juice ”


  9. oooops .. well well u had a rought time .. i hope u were nice to the friend who was calling u :)

    and its ok gave something to work to that lady who had ot go and clean up...

    Have a nice day...


  10. hahaha :P
    Happens, and the search for the ever elusive phone makes it more frustrating.


  11. My comment is not here... But why fear when I'm here... This is the best I an do when it comes to poetry... :D

    Pichikkkk.... I love putting sound effects in post... :)

    There is some connection between friends n phone... They know just the RiGht time to ring and screw your life... :D :D

    Sometimes I wonder do phones really make life simpler....

  12. @Stranger: Thank you...:)

    @Bikram: :) yes yes...me always nice (ahem ahem)...oh i felt bad when the lady at the till had to go and clear that up. I had offered to clear but you see Tesco claims to provide A class customer service...so usme bhi ''every little helps''..so she did not let me clear it up.

    @Anshul: yes, if I woud have been able to locate this phone tho yeh naubath nahi aati..

    @stranger: Thanks once again

    @Tan: i like the (maaf) poem!! Thanks. thats what even I wonder about.


  13. Technology and its tribulations !!!
    u got such an appropriate picture to go along with the post :)
    my boyfriend takes hours to pick the phone.. when he's sleeping.. and that ring a ding..ring a ding..irks me no end! And that "the number u have dialed.." I tear my hair out!!!!!!! :-/

  14. :) ....i liked the pic too. True, It was appropriate for the post.

    poor you. but see, I told you phones ring at the wrong time. Sleep is very important...


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