Monday 10 January 2011

Fultu Bakwaas - Office Office

After the TGIF  here it is  OGIM  (Oh God, It's Monday!).

Shall try to make it TGIM  today by committing to work with all my heart. To do that, let me first try and show up at the office on time!

Have a good day friends.

Till next time, Byeeee


  1. I'd say TGIM only if i worked for a firm that paid me for reading novels and blogs. otherwise anything else is not just worth it... only if there was another way to earn roti :( *sulks*

  2. That would be ideal Pranjal...let me know if you find a job such as that, i would be interested to work there.

  3. :) hope you are working then and not checking on who is reading ur blog .. or you reading others he hehe :) all the best

    Have a nice day

  4. in early and waded through emails. religiously worked till lunch time.

  5. Just another manic Monday...wish it were Sunday~~

  6. My monday is just starting and im completely in the 'OGIM' mood !!! :(
    Hope to get off my monday morning blues soon !!!

    And thanks for stopping by dear. Do visit often.


  7. hahahhaha do try hard, it could be tough when the sunday was just yesterday. :P

  8. @Purba: you never know when the weekend comes and goes by

    @Sukanya: hey, hope the day has got better for you.

    @Anshul: True. Felt as if it was a looooooong day today athough it was not too bad.

  9. It can never be TFIM for me at least... :D
    You have a nice day... :)

  10. Oh its always TGIM for me... @ peace when @ work!

  11. ppl like me, who has to work in shift, everyday is dere is no TGIF for us.. at least u ppl hav got that...LUCKY FELLOWS !!!

  12. @Tan: Nope, not for me too...Mondays seem to be the longest day of the week for me.

    @Sm: :)

    @Stranger: welcome to my blog. same pinch

    @Dehizen: Welcome to my blog. You seem to be having the best job in the world then. Lucky you.

    @Irfan: oh...sorry to hear that. hard work then? oh..


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