Monday 3 January 2011

Back to School..

......I mean..Back to Blogging!

Hello Blogdosts,

Happy new year! Hope all of you are fine.

I am back to blogosphere today after a short winter break. Feels like joining back school after vacations!

I will spend some time reading your new posts now. I will be back with a post soon.

Always Happy


  1. First time on your blog and I'm First.... :D :D

    Wish you a happy New Year.... :)

  2. Welcome back :)
    And wish you a very happpppy new year!

    p.s: m still on my winter break :P and need to get back too :)

  3. Hey...Happy New Year

    It really feels reminded my school days too :)

    Eager to read your Dil Ki Baat...

  4. Welcome back, AH :)A very happy new year to you. Back to school it is. Let's get back to work :)

  5. A very happy new year to you too and welcome back.. How did the new year celebrations go .. :)


  6. Happy New Year, Always Happy.
    Well two happys in the same line?

    have a great year ahead Always Happy.

    And, welcome back.

  7. Happy New Year to you too!!!

    Marinela x

  8. @Tanishka: hey, welcome to my blog. I know you actually..matlab I know you as the first commenter on Nu's and Ajay's and I think pepper's blog too. When I scroll down to the comments box on their blogs, I always see your name and comment and that brings a smile on my face. I have read one of your posts too (not sure, if I left a comment but it was one about comparing sardi and was a nice read. Once again, welcome to my blog and a very happy new year to you.

    @Nu: Hi,Thank you. I will read your new post shortly.

    @Ajay: Hey, did you have a good start to the new year? yep, right, lets get back to work. Remember, 2011 has got to be our year on the career front!

    @Bikram: Congrats on your 200th post. I have left a comment on your page.
    I had a nice break and great time with my sister and family.
    Are you back to work now?

    @Anshul: hey, did Santa fulfill your wishes?
    Thank you. You have a great great...great year ahead too.

    @Marinela: Hey, welcome to my blog. Thank you. A very happy and prosperous new year to you.I shall spend some time on your blog at my earliest opportunity.


  9. Hey Poonam, Thank you. Hope you have had a good start to your new year.Hope you have a great year ahead. Looking forward to reading your forthcoming posts.


    missed u on my previous posts...(

  11. yepp sad it had to happen 4th jan back to work why oh why was the question ...

    glad you had fun with family and the weather also behaved itself and it was not that bad ... well at least birmingham was pretty goood a bit cold but no snow ...


  12. hey... happy new year and welcome back. aap ki hi raah dekh raha tha :)

  13. @S: I apologise for addressng you as Nu in my previous comment. Looking forward to reading your new post.

    @Bikram: Many of us are asking that question - oh why oh Why...why did the festive season come to an end?? yes, surprisingly (after all the predictions of a white christmas) weather was good to all of us.

    @Pranjal: hello and a very very happy new year. Thank you, that is very sweet.

  14. wow you've put it nicely :-) the feeling of being back to schools after vacation :) YAY

  15. Good to have you back. Keep blogging.

  16. @ Nu: yes, it felt ike going to school...the excitement of using new books, new uniform, shoes, water bottle, meeting new friends etc....had a similar excitement when i thought about writing a new post and reading new posts.

    @Anu: Thank you.


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