Wednesday 12 January 2011

Beauty is skin deep

I have spent good two hours responding to comments on  facebook this evening. Reason – I have been tagged in a photo from my school days by one of my friends. Because  I don’t normally put my photos on facebook, all my facebook friends are having a good time pulling my leg by commenting at the photo.

My god! I looked very different then. In fact, I only learnt today that I was an ugly girl then but Amma always told me that I was a pretty girl and I liked to believe her. To reassure my self, I had a look at some of the pictures from my college days..and eeks..though I wouldn’t call myself ugly in those pictures, I can believe that I looked different to how I  look now. In few years time, perhaps I will look at my current pics and think the same. Isn't that funny, how we always look back at our old photographs and have a laugh?

Well , it doesn’t matter how the photo looks, true beauty is deep within and it means to have a honest heart, warm smile and a belief in yourself, right?


  1. yes agree
    beauty is deep within

  2. LOL, for me its the other way round. When I see my old pics, I wonder, how tension free I was during those days. Now I am employed and I am also married; how sick life has become ! and these thoughts would always end with a deep sigh ! :D :D :D

  3. agree here wid u "Beauty is how you feel inside, and it is not something physical...." time to introspect ourself...... thought provoking post.

  4. True beauty lies within and that is why your amma always found you beautiful... :)
    Looking at the old pics always brings a smile on our face...
    My childhood pics are hidden in a secret box... I used to look very ugly then and I don't want anyone to see them... :D

  5. Very well said.... The beauty is deep inside our heart...

  6. very true... "true beauty is skin deep" and however bad the pictures look.. make sure you capture every precious moment... however changed the people in them be...the pics make lovely memories :)

  7. Right.

    But the thing is noone prefers an adorable pancreas anymore :P. It has to be on the face..

  8. yeah right said... true beauty is within. and most of the time old photos looks ugly to ourself. Thank god I wasn't the only one to think like this.:P

  9. Absolutely... Inner beauty is all that matters!! :)

  10. Right.

    Beautiful mind, beautiful heart and a warming face.


  11. @Sm: thank you

    @Vimmu:Welcome welcome. i wonder what your wife has to say about it:)

    @Irfan: thank you

    @Tan: same pinch...i have hidden my childhood pics too in my wardrobe taaki kisi ke haath na lagey

    @Sushant: thank you

    @Neha: you are right. though I dont quie like my looks in those old photographs, they are quite close to my heart because of the fond memories associated with them

    @Soumya: I have found that to be true too sometimes...some elderly ladies(that I know of) escpecially go ga ga over fair and pretty girls...they just dont get the concept of 'inside' beauty.

    @Pranab: Same pinch. Thank you

    @Sukanaya: Gad you agree with me. Thanks

    @Anshul: Thank uuuuuuuu

  12. ooops i misseed this ..

    yes outer beautfy goes away , its inner beauty thats most important ...

    thats why they say
    HAs ga lai mohabbatan pa lai
    ki javenga
    tun dhali jawani Budhi umare Reh reh
    ke pachtaavenga :)

    i know punjabi but it means be happy and love everyone for once u grow old and this youth goes away you wil repent :)


  13. I think there s nothing ugly in this world...

    Beauty lies in the beholders eyes :)

  14. You have echoed my sentiments....and what Bikram has said is so beautiful...

  15. @Bikram: that is a beautiful prose. thanks for sharing.

    @Poonam: 100% agree with you.

    @Alka: Thank you. Yes, even I like the punjabi lines that Bikram has shared.

  16. A single photograph can conjure up so many memories.. it is amazing!
    You are pretty, I can't agree that u were 'ugly' as a kid! U modest woman! :)

  17. You are very kind S. and yes, photos bring back memories.


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