Thursday 20 January 2011

A Random Post

It feels weird to be sitting in the office and writing a blog post but hey, I have been working really hard over the last few days to get to the top of my workload. Now it feels nice and today I can afford to take some time off work to check personal emails, read and write blog posts.

Over the last few days, I had been waking up early to get to work early and I also used to stay a bit late in the office in the evenings to get on with my work load. What I have realised is that the best way to start my day is to wake up early rather than letting the alarm snooze. How I start my day sets the tone for rest of my day.  Start off with some energy and optimism, then I am steered in that direction. Start off with a bit of lazing around, then the entire day appears to be dragging. Going forward that is the plan for the weekdays - To wake up early with a bit of spring to colour the rest of the day accordingly.

Ok, back to work now….will be back soon…………….


  1. Oh yahhh... waking up early can do magic for u !! Happy working :)

  2. Aha..Working hard..Hope you enjoy it..

  3. Why don't you avoid word verification?
    Seriously,I want to know the answer?What's the use of it.I dunno & I don't prefer/advice it.

  4. that's very true...if you start early you start fresh but easy said than done ;) specially when you're tucked in that cosy blanket the snoozing of alarm seems to be the right option..actually the only option ;)

  5. "EARLY 2 BED N EARLY 2 RISE....etc etc...." we all read during our kindergarten classes... it does hav a lot of sense...... moreover if u leave ur bed early u get more working hours, so things can be settled in a better way..... BTW working @ work place does give satisfaction sometimes..... have a gud n hard working day ...:)

  6. Hi, good to see you back.... :)
    Waking up early is good only if lazy souls like me could do it for once... :D

  7. I totally agree with the alarm thing... It just gets snooze 5 times before actually getting up
    Keep the energy and optimism on :)

  8. thats why they say early to bed and early to rise .. makes a person healthy wealthy and wise :)

    I msut admit i do need a alarm to wake me but i do get at 5:30ish and especially after the gym and gettng ready you feel like taking on the world ..


  9. @Sukanya: thank you

    @Neeha: thank you.Yes, i am enjoying my job for a change.
    Re:word verification - I agree, it can be a problem for the readers but it enables to avoid spam links and comments. It enables the 'smart' computer to identify that it is a human who is tryiing to submit a comment and not an infected link.

    @Nu: i easy to get back to sleep once the alarm goes off - in fact, that is the best sleep one gets. It is a hard work to make up your mind to wake up as soon as the alarm goes off.

    @ Irfaan: yes early to bed and early to rise makes little 'always happy' healthy , wealthy (??) and wise(????????????).....
    I have been early to work this morning it feels nice. Thank you

    @Tan: thank you. koshish koshish..

    @Poonam: Thank you

    @Bikram: oh so u r an early bird? Sounds good.
    5:30 is tooo early for me. i used to wake up during exams that early only to fall asleep again by 7am :( ...trying to wake up by 6am now...

  10. For me, getting up early is a herculean task, and you know what, I had been trying to write on a similar topic, though I dont share a similar success story. :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  11. Wow..
    stay at it! All the best.
    Am also being a good girl these days and waking up early unlike my usual self :)
    Yay to us! *high 5* :)

  12. One Day I will Wake up early in the Morning - My biggest Dream [:D]

  13. @Anshul: Go on , write your story on this topic. I am sure it will be a good read for us.

    @S: heeeeeeeeeey, how have you been? Thank you. *high 5*. Yay!

    @Sushant: good luck

  14. Hard work is the key. I too experience such situations or in fact have been experiencing at present. I could not give much time to blogging and for writing as well. It is a kind of embarrassing feeling.
    Best of luck!

  15. I used to wake up early but now I've become lazy. Your post came as a reminder, AH. Now I'll try to get up early in the working. :) And yes, I was saying if you could move to WordPress, it'd be so nice because it'd easy to keep up with your posts but only if you have time and you are comfortable with it. It's fine anyway. :)

  16. @Anu: Thank you. write when you find time but do not leave your page blank for long.

    @Ajay: acha, tho this post has been timely then.

    I see. Ok, I will look into that. I see a lot of them moving from blogger to wordpress. Shall look into it when i return from India after my vacations. India mein khaaney or shopping mein hi mera time beeth jayega :)


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