Friday 15 April 2011

Fultu Bakwaas...Bolo Mere Akha

Bolo Mere Akha...Kya Chahiye?

Earlier today I decided to clean the lamp in my drawing room of its previous fragrance and restore it with a new fragrance that I purchased other day. As I was cleaning the lamp, I began to wonder, what my three wishes would be if the Genie appeared:

1) I would wish for Genie to do my office work so that I could blog more regularly from the office.

2) I would wish for Genie to give Bollywood directors some original ideas to make good movies that I can watch on Friday evenings.

3) I would wish for thousand wishes. (Teen se mera kya hoga?)

Alas, the Genie did not appear :( . Looks like I rubbed him the wrong way or perhaps the economic recession has hit Genie too and that has put the Genie out of the business of ''appearing and granting wishes'' !


  1. haha.. i seriously wish genies would appear so easily!

  2. That is a funny post Always Happy!

    By the way, would you be interested in writing a guest Fultu Bakwaas post on my blog? Let me know and for now enjoy the weekend.

  3. Lol! At least you have a lamp to rub! :p
    Mere paas to wo bhi nahi hai! :(

    PS: I love reading your Fultu Bakwaas Posts! :)
    Keep Rocking!

  4. Keep trying and once you get your wishes granted, please please take my wishes also. You could start n blog on what all wishes people want!

  5. Not surprised you are always happy!

  6. :) cool one...complete timepass

  7. he he. those were the nice wishes which eeryone wud like to have

  8. A H,

    LOL. Had a good laugh but on second thoughts wish number 2 and 3 are surely needed. If you find time to visit me, do try to read my post titled ?????????. Looking for your views in my space.

    Take care

  9. LOL, your last wish is similar to mine, though I'd have asked not for thousands but as many as I wished to have, infinite, whenever I want.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. Just 3 wishes and you want to waste one on the useless bollywood directors... No Ah, please don't... :D
    And once you are done send the gennie this way :P

  11. Hi AH. Fultoo Bakwaas is my favorite series here. :D Your stories are long overdue. Third wish me thousand aur wishes!:D One of my wishes would be to relive my times.

  12. Hey, Hi

    well well, wishing fo rgenies to grant, nice...
    hmm, most genies donot have that "grant me a thousand wishes offer" it will be stated under the conditions apply thing they, you have to wish for more genies... :P

    The Silhouette....

  13. hahaa..... Nice post AH...:D

    and i think you are not that greedy while asking for wishes.....ONLY THREE WISHES...:P

  14. ha ha ha i love the way you express ur little and big feeling in your own style.... go dear go...go..go going well!

  15. Haha. Second one is too good. I saw 'yeh saali zindgi...' idea and speed were good but very foul language...Liked Chitragandha Singh

  16. excellent
    lets hope one day it will appear
    Teen se mera kya hoga

  17. Wishes wishes..
    i am reminded of my stupid childhood :-|
    the only time in my life when i saw a shooting star when I was 10 years old.. I wished for a Genie :-/ *sigh*
    I'll kill Sidney sheldon for making me believe in "I dream of genie" :(

  18. *sniff, sniff*, I too wish for the first one ;)

    The third one is cool, we always wish for more...

  19. Well I wrote a comment and it di not go throug , Can yo utake this word verification out :)

    anyway i shall write again .. the last wish would be my first wish :)

    I dont mind office work it keeps me busy else idle mind is a devils mind and i do some silly things otherwise :)

    and hey also please make one of ur wish to give me a few wishes and i will do the same :)
    two working together got a better chance what ay he hehe h


  20. @ Chandana: Hey, That would be fun, wouldn’t it?

    @NRIGirl: Thank you. Oh, That is such an honour. I will send you an email.

    @ Nima: :). Aww…I wil ask Genie to gift you a lamp, what say? Thank you soooo much

    @Pooja: :) Sure. I will try once again. Sure thing, among my thousand wishes, one will be for you. That would be cool to start a blog on wishes!

    @ RH: Hey. Thank you .

    @Dr Antony: :) Thank you.

    @Maithili: :)Thank you.

    @Anu: Hi. Yes, how I wish Genie had really appeared.

    @ Jack: Thank you so much for regularly visiting my page. I am so very sorry, I haven’t visited your page yet. I promise, I will visit your page at my earliest opportunity. Thank you for your kind words on my posts. It means a lot to me.

    @Anshul: That is clever and in fact helpful to have that many wishes. But I did not want to appear to be too greedy. So I restricted to thousand wishes.

    @Tan: Arre Tan, I was wanting to watch one nice new hindi movie last Friday evening and there wasn’t any. Hence the wish although you are right, it is not worth it. Sure, I will direct Genie your way after he makes his appearance in my house.

    @ Ajay: heyy. Thank you. Oh, yes. I must introduce the stories soon. Stay tuned ok. I promise, I will work on it.
    One among my thousand wishes would be to go back to my childhood days too.

  21. @ Eon: Hello. Thank you. Aha!! You are right. Given the current economic conditions, I am convinced that you are right. I will have to wish for more Genies!

    @Irfan: Thank you. Exactly. I tried not to appear too greedy.

    @ Vish: Thank you sooooo much Vish. You are very kind. Your words are much appreciated.

    @Amrit: Hello. It is soooooo difficult to find a good hindi movie that can be watched for the entire duration of the movie. I have watched so many movies recently only for first few minutes of the movie and then switched it off as it was a mental torture.

    @Sm: Thank you so much. I seriously do hope so.

    @S: hellooooooooooooooooo. Hehehe…the innocent you!

    @ Poonam: Thank you for agreeing with me.

    @ Bik: Helloooo. Oh, I am sorry, the word verification is causing you inconvenience but it helps me keep away spam links which I do get occasionally.

    Sure thing. Inspector saahab, aapka hukm hum kaise taal sakthey hain? Zaroor, zaroor..I will ask Genie to fulfil your wishes too. You deserve the best anyway.

  22. I think the rule is that if you ask the Genie to do something impossible, he'll just vanish. You might want to re-think your second wish ;)

  23. hehe...yes it could be a difficult wish for Genie as it is near impossible.


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