Saturday 2 April 2011

Mahi Ve......


Mahendra Singh Dhoni - Captain of Indian Cricket team. He is one of my favourite celebrity men. Cricket fanatics in India are full of praises for Dhoni today. Rightly so, at the world cup cricket final today, Dhoni rose to the occasion by playing a masterful innings with complete conviction and confidence to lead India to a sensational victory. 

I have always admired Dhoni for his calm and patient attitude even during those days when he was accused of playing poor cricket and being just a hawker of commercial products.  Dhoni has always presented as a cool, confident and a smart person. He always exudes calmness even under intense pressure whether he is at the crease, behind the wickets, at the presentation stage, or on camera. He never lets the nerves get the better of him. Dhoni believes in himself and exhibits terrific leadership skills. All these qualities have enabled Dhoni to flourish as a great captain for the Indian Cricket team.

After rejigging the batting order today, as Dhoni came to bat, there was lot of pressure on him. Yet he kept his calm and did what he was meant to do and rest is history. A high class performance from a high class leader who leads by example. That’s  the way….Mahi ve!


  1. He was indeed like a rock today and turned the game around for India. I liked his calm retraint and purposeful style of playing. Of course, his 4's and 6's were appreciated today. The fact that he came out to bat instead of hiding in the dressing room when there was so much pressure on shows that he lives up to the challenge. Indeed a very classy player!

  2. Dhoni is definitely a world-class leader who leads keeping his cool and as you rightly said, who leads by example :)
    A fantastic final,well played :)
    Congratulations India :D :D

  3. reallyyy....

    no words to explain how he took the cup out of srilankans.... hehe...

    i m jus sad tat gambir missed his century.... :(

  4. Dhoni indeed proved himself to be a great leader. First the 20-20 world cup and now the legendary world cup!

    He did really well! :)

    Cheers for the leader and his team! :D

  5. Before last night finals Dhoni's WC'11 batting record was 156 runs in 9 matches. Criticism, cynicism and rants were on its peak. Dhoni is always measured by the number of runs he gets on board for himself, captaincy was never taken into consideration. Now I hope he is appreciated for his Shut-Your-Mouth 91* knock.

  6. Mahi ve all the way. What a wonderful post you wrote! Dhoni played a captain's knock and silenced his critics. The team did an exceptional job throughout the world cup and deserved to win the Cup. All praise to Dhoni for leading such a great side and keeping cool in crunch times. India are the world champions again! :D :D

  7. really Dhoni did omg. so so so so happy..... we are the world champion now

  8. OH yes he made mistakes and what a man to Accept them ...

    and then having the guts to come out early and prove a point with his BAT rather then his mouth...

    Well dont to Team India for making us all so proud
    WE are the CHAMPIONS ...


  9. Respect, awe and admiration for the guts, sacrifice and leadership...

  10. Congratulations Indians, the team did it, for us. :)

  11. Dhoni proved that he deserves to be the Indian Cricket Team Captain....
    Yay.... we won... :)

  12. Very true. Dhoni has been an inspirational leader. A mix of character, humility and talent, his demeanor has been ultra-cool. The best among today's cricketers and leaders too...


  13. Good job MS Dhoni. I agree he is a good captain.

  14. Confidence,the calmness defines Dhoni!
    And I love the match winning shot, it was after that moment Dhoni Smiled...ITS ONE CHERISHING MOMENT FOR ALL INDIANS! :)

  15. Hey, you have got an award :). Check it out - here

  16. undoubtedly he played the captain's knock in the Final and lead the "Men in Blue" from the front....

    liked the title of post..."Mahi Ve..."

  17. @Sunil: Absolutely he played like a star! oh yes the winning shot was awesome. Couldn’t agree more with you.

    @dialoguewithyou: Welcome to my blog. Thank you for your comment.Indeed, Dhoni is a world class player.

    @ Ninu: :). True. It would have been fab if Gambhir could complete his century

    @Enigma: Yes. Dhoni is simpy great. Three cheers to him and team India.

    @Prateek: Exactly. He has been accused of playing ‘ugly’ cricket in the past. But the man put all that behind him and just focused on the big game on Saturday and that is why I admire him so much. I always knew he was a dark horse.

    @Ajay: Thank you friend. Yes Mahi Ve…Mahi Ve. Yes the team totally deserved to win. Thanks to Dhoni. He is a great captain and his leadership skills are exemplary.

    @Anu: I am soooooooooooo happy too. All Indians are happy.

    @Bikram: Taking criticism constructively, learning from it. Emerging stronger, rising to the challenge, staying focused on the goal – Dhoni did all this and he deserves all the praises. The player exhibited great team spirit and truly truly deserved the win.

    @ Alka: You are so right. That is exactly why I admire Dhoni.

    @Anshul: All Indians are so proud. The team has just lived to all of our expectations.

    @ RH: :)

    @Tan: Very very true. I consider Dhoni the best captain in the recent times.

    @Aragorn: Welcome to my blog. I cannot agree more with you. Dhoni exudes so much of inspiration.

    @A: Indeed.

    @Poonam: Oh yes, I loved the winning shot and Dhoni’s proud yet humble look. What a sensational shot and a graceful victory!

    @ Irfan: Yes, Dhoni led the ‘Men in Blue’ from the front and exhibited great leadership skills. Very very inspiring.

  18. Really he well,he proved that he is the captain,we won it,very nice performance...

  19. @FYP: Wecome to my blog. Thank you


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