Monday 25 April 2011

Chuv Chuv Chiv Chiv.......

 Chuv Chuv Chiv Chiv...
Chuv Chuv Chiv Chiv....
Ever since the spring has sprung, each morning, I have been waking up to the melodious CHUV CHUV CHIV CHIV of the birds on the trees just outside my bedroom. I do not need the alarm clock anymore because like clockwork, the chuv chivs start at about 4am and go on throughout the day. The chirps even continue into the night for up until 12ish or a little beyond that.

There is a certain pattern in the musical riffs of the birds and I find it very melodious. Each morning, I get elated happiness as I look outside my bedroom window at the clear blue endless sky, bright shining sun, swaying flowers, bees and the birds perched in the branches of the trees singing chuv chuv chiv chiv. At the end of a long tiring day, it is the the sweet lullaby of the birds that lulls me to sleep. 

The melodious chuv chuv chiv chiv is filled with hopes, inspiration and promise and raises my spirit to new heights. Life is comprised of simple things that hold a magical richness within them. As I conclude this post and get ready to retire to bed for a great night's sleep, I can still hear the CHUV CHUV CHIV CHIV outside my bedroom.............


  1. How lovely! Please convey my 'chuv chuv chiv chiv' to them. I wonder whatever happend to their American cousins. They seem to be still away... at least in this part of New Jersey!

  2. really it must be so refreshing when you wake up in the morning with this CHUV CHUV CHIV CHIV.... same way at my place there are squirrel in my court yard, they keep playing and chanting with sweet voice, its so refreshing early in the morning.....

  3. chuv chuv chiv chiv... how did u make it out??? :D its always nice to hear birds singin... mmmm...


  4. Right across from where I live,are a line of trees,where all the birds of this world come to perch towards evening. It is such fun to watch and listen to them.
    There is a simple beauty in all living things in nature.

  5. Chuv Chuv Chiv Chiv...
    Chuv Chuv Chiv really nice post ! ha ha ha ha ha ....

    Jai Ho Mangalmay Ho

  6. While reading your post I could hear the chirping too!

    Unfortunately in metros its the cooing of pigeons and the buzz of ACs....:(

  7. Hey, Hi
    wel for me those chiv chiv chuv chuv mens something else..
    i wish those birds would sing in the deserts too...even a crow would do..

    The Silhoeutte..

  8. now a days chuv chuv chiv chiv is difficult to find in cities.
    beautiful post.

  9. i can hear a koyal right outside my room as i read this :)

    i know what u mean... i live in a colony full of trees and birds.. its a beautiful sound to wake up to.. that's one reason why am regular on my early morning walks :)

  10. Sweet! The bird song is indeed a much-recognized and celebrated melodious theme used in ringtones, sleep machines, white noise applications and the like. It is a great way to wake up to birds chirping in the morning.

    That's as far as I would go. That their chirps are full of hopes and promise and all that malarkey, I don't buy it. Since you don't know the language (neither do I), for all you know they could be saying:
    "Arre Babu, munh kyon latka hua hai tumahara?"
    "Kya bataaon bhaai, Pappu phir fail ho gaya, Munni ki compartment aayi hai!"

  11. Excellent :) summers does bring the birds out , and me being a keen gardener I have a few bird baths and feeds in my garden and it was lovely this long weekend to sit in the garden and enjoy the chirping and the ways of hte birds ...

    chuv chuv chiv chiv to you tooo :) and hey another long weekedn coming up


  12. Sweet sweet sweet melody of those tiny birds :)

  13. @ NRIGirl: Sure sure. Looks like the entire family is here. There are plentttttttttttty of them chuv chuving outside my window. Perhaps they will make it to New Jersey during summer.

    @Irfan: Indeed, Irfan Bhai. These birds just make my day. At my parental house, in the garden we get to see squirrels and yes I agree watching them is such a delight.

    @Anoop: To tell you the truth, my friend told me they sound like chuv chuv chiv chiv and he was right! Indeed they sound like chuv chuv chiv chiv to me.

    @Dr Antony: That is such a delight to watch and hear, no? Exactly, there is simple beauty in all living things and they can be easily found around us.

    @Vish: :) Thank you. Jai ho Mangalmay ho…

    @Alka: :) Yes it is difficult to find chuv chivs in big cities.

    @Eon: I see :). I am so sorry that you don’t even get to hear a crow :(.

    @ SM: Yes, in the cities all you get to hear is noise frm the traffic :(. Thank you.

    @ Chandana: Koyal has such a sweet voice, no? Your colony must be a lovely place to live.
    I love my morning walks to but I can manage to go for morning walks only on weekends and I try not to miss it for anything.

  14. @ Sunil: Yes the chirping of the birds is so very sweet and indeed it feels great to wake up to their noise after a great night’s sleep.

    I am sorry that you do not agree with me that the melodious riffs of the birds is filled with hopes, inspiration and promise.

    I completely admit that, I do not understand what the birds are actually chirping about but all I can say is whether they are chirping about - ''muh kyon latkaakey baithey ho or that pappu fail ho gaya'', to my ears their rants and whines are pleasing as I have observed there is a certain musical pattern in the chuv chuv chiv chiv unlike in the rants and whines of human beings where there is just negativity and anger in the tone. The chuvs and chivs have a ‘feel good factor’ that they add spring to my step each morning and I look forward to starting my day with great positivity. Each morning I set out of the house hoping for a great day ahead.

    @ Bik: helloooo. Oh you love gardening? Cool! You must have a very lovely garden then with bird baths and feeds. It is simply amazing no to watch them. They make you forget all worries, don’t they?

    Thanks for chuv chiving. :)

    Yes, I am looking forward to the long weekend. You are not on duty, are you? While the Royal Wedding is taking place.?

    @Poonam: yes verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry sweet and melodious.

  15. Shuch a shweet post :) with an apt title

  16. Hello Dew, Welcome to my blog. Thank you so much. A friend of mine came up with that term actually during one of my conversations with him and I borrowed the term from him to use it as title for this post.


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