Tuesday 19 April 2011

I Wish I Could Be Like You...

Let your actions inspire others 
to dream more, learn more, do more and become more
                                                                 - J.Q.Adams

Everyone we meet or may know has something to be admired. People have their own struggles in life that they get through and each person has their own stories about the moments of their life that have shaped them to be like the way they are. Some have a natural presence or something ‘special’ about them that is worthy of admiration.
My friend EM is one such amazing woman. I have always looked up to her. She is so driven, has so much of positivity, lot of wisdom and has the ability to put herself in other person’s shoes. She is kind, loving and caring, good at listening and even better at coming up with solutions to handle complex situations. She has had hard times but with her positive attitude she has pulled through.  Developing people is her passion and her personality is so inspiring. Above all, she is just a nice person. The one thing that makes her irreplaceable is that she makes enjoying the ‘little things’ in our lives so easy.

Just few minutes ago EM called me to inform that this evening she handed in her resignation from the post of Service Director at her organisation, to be a homemaker and watch her two little ones grow up. Oh EM, I wish you and your family the best in everything.


  1. My best wishes to ur dear friend EM....
    its always difficult to find people who are so perfect.

  2. Cute!!
    Some people just touch your life!

  3. Good luck to your friend...I am sure she wont regret her decision.
    I havent met you but I have a hunch that you too are Just a Nice Person!

  4. Hey, Hi
    i would quote your words to you...
    "Some have a natural presence or something ‘special’ about them that is worthy of admiration."
    and for someone, that someone may be you... :)

    The Silhouette...

  5. All the best to your friend and I do feel a good decision becasue kids these days need that attention. and One day she will bea proud Mother when the kids grow to be lovely human beings.


  6. Yes. A lot of people inspire me too. EM is an amazing person to me.

  7. good to know about your lovely friend EM... some people are too good and perfect in anything and everything they do, no?


  8. @Irfan: I thank you on EM's behalf.

    @RH: Thank you. yes that is right, some people are just so amazing and how they influence our lives is even more amazing.

    @Alka: I thank you on my friend's behalf. I agree, even though EM has taken a very big and difficult decision, she will not regret it. Personally, I think she has made the right choice. She has achieved a lot in her career than what normal people would achieve at her age. So I think now is the righ time to devote her time to her family.

    Aww...That is very kind of you. Thank you so very much.

  9. @ Eon: Aha!!! that is a very nice way of looking at it. Yes we never know, we could be that 'someone special' for somebody.

    @Bikram: Completely agree with you. EM will only look back at the current time with pride when her kids grow up to be nice individuals like her or even better.

    @A: Thanks Amrit. EM is indeed great.

    @Sukanya: heyyyyyyyyy, long time no see? Hope you are doing well. Wecome back to my page. Yes, some people are just so gifted but like Eon mentioned we never know we could be inspiring others too in someway. So it is always better to practice good deeds.

  10. It's nice to hear when people do things that need courage and determination.
    I too know of a person who left his fat-paid job to live a life of his dreams despite of all the difficulties.

    Cheers to EM and such people! :)

  11. nice post n nice picture.. :D

    there r lot of ppl around us who we always want to b... but in one way or the other, your life is always best for u... :D dont u think so?? :D

  12. Excellent post. Something that all of us can identify with. My way of knowing about people is to gauge how I feel after an interaction with them. Some people carry the best credentials and seem great on paper but you don't feel so great after talking to them. And some people may seem ordinary and may not even do or say anything special to you but just being in their presence or talking to them makes you feel inspired, motivated, literally on top of the world.

    So if you find yourself smiling for no reason at all after talking to someone on the phone for two minutes, my advice is..."us haath ko tum thaam lo, wo meharbaan kal ho na ho..." as a friend of course. :)

  13. She knows what to do, better than many of us.
    Wishing her luck.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  14. All the best to EM...
    I know you'd miss her AH but that's how it is...

  15. good luck to both of you

  16. That needs a strong will to do that.
    All the good wishes to her.

  17. नमस्कार,
    आपके ब्लाग व पोस्ट को देख कर ही लगता है कि आप हमेशा खुश रहते हो मेरी तरह, यही तो एक ऐसी अनमोल वस्तु है जो हर किसी के पास नहीं होती है, ना हो सकती है, किसी-किसी किस्मत वाले के पास ही सम्भव है।

  18. @Nima: Yes, it is a very difficult decision and takes a lot of courage.

    @Anoop: Thank you. yes, you are right and I totally agree one must be content with their lives but there is no harm in having a motivational and inspirational role model, i think. We dont have to ape them but try and incorporate their good qualities into our ives in a way that works best for us.

    @Sunil: That was very very nice. Thank you.

    @Anshul: She certainly does. Thank you

    @Tan: Thank you. yes EM will be missed.

    @Sm: Thank you. [p.s. I am yet to read that biography. Will read soon. I want to read it for sure].

    @Dr Antony: yes, it has been a difficult decision but I am sure she will be fine and it is the right one.

    @Jaat Devtha: Mere blog par aapka swaagath hai. Khushi hui ek aur khush mijaaz insaan se milkar. Yeh Blog Meri Ek choti si koshish hai, khushiyaan baantney ki kyonki khushiyaan baantney se hi tho badhthi hai na. Ummeed hai ki aap dobaara mere blog ke darshan karenge. Shukriya.


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