Wednesday 6 April 2011

Very Gooddum!

Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi
Thodi Meethi, Thodi Khatti
Thodi Teekhi, Thodi Pheekee
Phir Bhi Isko Hanskar Jeeneka.....
 Ik Alag Hi Hai Mazaa!
Before you start wondering about my post title today, the title is lifted from one of the early episodes of the popular TV serial of the 80s - Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi. I am sure most of you have heard of or watched this serial and you may be aware that the storyline revolved around the funny incidents in the day to day lives of  Ranjit, Renu and Raja played by Shafi Inaamdar, Swaroop Sampath and Rakesh Bedi respectively. The diverse roles played by Satish Shah is beyond praises.

Yesterday was particularly a stressful day in the office. Some of the ‘office politics’ really brought me down.  Talking to a dear friend helped. Just to cheer my mood further, I decided to watch Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi in the evening. I watched one of the early episodes of the serial where Ranjit and Renu let their South Indian neighbours invite a prospective groom and his parents to meet their daughter, at their house. Rakesh Bedi disguises as a renowned astrologer Rajam Shastri to match the horoscopes of the groom and the bride and during the process of matching the horoscopes he uses terminologies such as immediate resultam, fast parinaamam and very gooddum! The episode had me laughing heartily and made me forget all my worries. Thus passed another day. There is always a reason to laugh. Yeh jo hai zindagi – very gooddum!


  1. LOL...very goodummm post also. Made me laugh. I still have this show on discs. It was awesome. Such simple stories and great acting by all of them. Thanks for reminding me of this. It was a classic. :)

  2. Its great na...the ways something back from our memories makes us laugh when seen again...I was very small when it first had telecast...have caught up quiet few re-runs of it...and well Shafi Inaamdar was one person who really was awesome in the comic characters....he would always be remembered for such stuffs :)

  3. ha haa....indeed very goodummm readummm...;)

    enjoyed the read....and yaa there is always a reason to laugh to keep ourself cheerful n happy :D

  4. goodummm... i like that word.. :)
    yes it was a classic series!

  5. Indeed gooddum! Haven't watched that serial but glad to know it brought back the 'Always' in you 'Happy'!

    Hope all else is well.

  6. Hehe! Nice one. I do not have many memories of the show. Even so, watching a light hearted comedy can always boost your mood up! :)

    Like Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai, I tend to watch that often(even though I am not in a bad mood)! :D

  7. AH
    veryyy gooddum...:D

    omg i dont watch serials though... i hate it.. :O :P

    offis politics happens in every offis.. n it sucks.. anyway take care.. :)

  8. Hey, Hi
    there are infact many reasons to laugh, but we being humans prefer to think about the one worry we have and sulk in it...
    hmmm, but there are some excpetional thngs like "Very Goodumm" which does make us forget about the things that bother us and make us laugh...
    :) nice...

    The Silhouette...

  9. Wow this was one of the best serials in those times .. I have downloaded every episode of this program all 30GB of them and I do watch them now and then ..

    Shafi inamdar and his wife and the brother in law satish shah they were hilarious .. dont you think in those days comedy was much better then now without sleaze and all ..


  10. I like this drama.But recent drama is all about "Saas and bohu",So disgusting--
    Those atre lengthy and boaring-you can say in 5 min what happened and the drama will show this for 5 month

  11. Oh my god. It is so old serial but funny...

  12. A mood lightener after a stressful day. Nice one. I don't think I remember watching those serials but yes, old serials had a comic sense of their own. At least clean and without double meanings which is most rampant in todays comedy shows.
    I still like watching Tom and Jerry even though I know from its previous telecast that what is going to happen next.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  13. nice one...keep it up!!

    Jai HO Mangalmy HO

  14. Hi
    Good you could get your mood elevated with such a simple recipe.

  15. i love the graphics u use for your posts!! Very refreshing!!

  16. @Sunil: Thank you. Yes the chemistry between the three of them (Ranjeet, Renu and Raja) is just so good. I love all the episodes of season 1. Can watch it anytime.

    @Pooja: I had not watched it when it aired on DD1. Couple of years ago, it used to come on star plus on Sunday afternoons. That’s when I learned it was an old DD1 serial and then grabbed the DVDs from India. Ijust love it. Yes, Shaffi Inaamdar was great!

    @Irfan: Thank you :)

    @ Chandana: Thank you :)

    @ NRI Girl: Thank you. Try and watch it if possible. Such a feel good comedy serial it is.
    Thanks you. All is well at my end.

    @ Nima: :) Thank you. Yes that is another serial I like. Ratna Paathak Shah and Satish Shah are just so good. The Junior Sarabhai’s are not bad either.

    @Anoop: Thank you. Yes, office politics are unfortunately prevalent in all offices

    @ Eon: Absolutely. There are many many ….. reasons to laugh. Verry Gooddumm was fab ,no? Thank you.

    @ Bikram: 100% right. Modern day comedy shows are no where close to such nice shows. Yes the trio and satish shah were just so good together. Even that neighbour played by Vijay Kashyap and Sulabha Aarya were good. Vijay Kashyap played brilliantly as a Bengali….’the way he used to address Ranjeet - Ronjeet Babu’ was good.

    @ Nancy: Welcome to my blog Nancy. Oh yes, the present day saas bahu drama with the ever sooooooooooooooooooooooo nice bahu and the vamp saas is just so surreal. The serials also drag like anything. In twenty years time, I wouldn’t want to buy DVDs of any of the present day serials.

    @A: yes, I think it was in early 80s that this serial came out. But yes hilarious are all its episodes.

    @ Anshul: Yes almost all of DD1 serials were great. Pure with moral and something the whole family could sit together and watch. But current day serials…God! Unwatchable.
    Hehe..I like Tom and Jerry too. I also watch Junge book.

    @Vish: Thank you :)

    @Dr Antony: The serial is that good that it was so easy to relieve stress.

    @Maithili: Welcome to my blog. Thank you for your kind words.

    Btw, I like your name very much.

  17. thanks dear :) love your blog.. n ur kitty too.. I too adopted a tiger cub Timothy from the same place...

  18. You sent me down the memory lane...those were the times...we used to wait for Yeh Jo hai Zindagi...I think it was telecast twice a you have it on DVD?? Lucky You!! :-)

    P.S. I tried posting comments on your blog several times earlier n on many posts...dunno what happened :-((((

  19. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i remember this serial.. but don't remember anything about the episodes or the stories :(


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