Tuesday 26 April 2011

Gaana Aaye Ya Na Aaye.....

Gaana Chaahiye....
Last weekend two of my friends, Rachana and Rohit celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary. The couple invited a few of us to their house for a party. The party was great fun. At one point during the party, Rachana requested that Rohit sing a song for her. After initial hesitation, finally Rohit sang one of Mohammed Raffi's classic songs - 'Teri Pyaari Pyaari Soorath Ko, Kisi Ki Nazar Na Lagey....'' .  As Rohit started singing, all the girls in the room went awwwwww......and the men just kept cheering for Rohit. Rachana said Rohit's song meant more than his presents for her. Once again all of us went aww........ 

It was indeed an awww...moment and all of us thought that Rohit sings slightly better than Himesh Reshammiya! If Himesh can sell records, so can Rohit if he wants to!! We pulled Rohit's leg but also commended him for keeping Rachana's request and more importantly for singing it from his heart for his beloved.

Later that afternoon when Rachana was in the kitchen preparing evening tea for all of us, Rohit said to us, '' Thank you for putting up with my 'besura' aawaaz'. I just had one thing to say to Rohit - Biwi Ki Baaton Ko Nahi Taalna..Chahiye. Gaana Aaye Ya Na Aaye, Gaana....Chahiye!


  1. hehe! is that the hint for your man?? ;)

  2. and some times 'biwi ke ishaaron per Naachna bhi chahiye'....;P

  3. indeed awwww.. what a cute husband :)

  4. dint understand the last line..... :| :D

  5. Singing! Please keep me away from it! I have never sang in public and I don't think I'll ever do so.

    It'll just be too embarrassing for me and too besura for the audience! :P

  6. HA....it's the spirit that counts. And at least Rohit is in touch with reality.

  7. nice post !! like ur blog!! following it now

  8. Hey, Hi
    hehehe, gaana aaye ya na aaye gaana chahiye...hehe

  9. HAHAHA. Very nice.

    On my wife last birthday, I wrote a poem for her and posted on my blog. Everyone in the world said that was the best gift..including my wife...I got away without buying anything AND ONE YEAR VISA for blogging....

  10. Biwi Ki Baaton Ko Nahi TaalnaChahiye Gaana Aaye Ya Na Aaye GaanaChahiye

  11. gana gana to aata hai lekin biwi mili nhi
    dil haath me lekar ghoomte hai
    lekin pyaar ki kali abhi khili nhi
    kisi ne sahi kaha hai ki laldki ek bus ki tarah hoti hai
    jo ghar tak chhod de essi bus abhi nhi mili....:D:D
    i knw doesn't make sense bt who want it 2 make sense....:D;D btw kisi ko mera gana sunna ho to bata dena thikthak ga leta hun....:D

  12. ohhhhhhhh so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ekdum sahi baat, patni ji ko to khush rakhna padta hi hai. :)

  14. Hahaha, a lesson to be learned for some!

    And A note to remember in future for us ;)

  15. The wife's aways right.. its teh only way! :)

  16. @Paulami: hehe..yes you could say that!

    @Irfan: Haha..tab tho biwi bohat bohat khush hogi!!!!

    @Dr Antony: Thank you so much.

    @Maithili: That is exactly what all girls in the party discussed.

  17. @Anoop: It was just a random post. I was basing it on the famous hindi song ''thandey thandey paani se nahaana chahiye, gaana aaye ya na aaye, gaana chahiye'' that is all. the post did not have any other logic..:)

    @Nima: You should try singing. and if you are dedicating the song to someone, then really the 'sur' doesnt matter which is exactly what my friend Rohit Demonstrated.

    @Purba: exactly.

    @M in love: Welcome to my blog. Thank you so much.

  18. @Eon: :) :)

    @A: Aha!! see it works!! not always expensive gifts do the trick.
    I must read that special poem on your page. So when does your visa expire?? :P

    @Sm: :) Thank you

    @Alka: yes it was very sweet of my friend.

  19. @Div: :) :)Nice nice!
    Aata Hai Agar Geet Gaana,Tho
    Ab seekh Lo Kudi ko Pataana.
    Khilegi phir Pyaar ki Kali
    Itna likhkar Ab main Chali.......
    ( I know it was a silly response to your poem but I admit, I lack poetic talent).

    @RH: :)

    @Anshul: Haan yeh ek very important tip hai for all husbands. :)

    @Poonam: :) yaad rakhna zaroor.

    @Jane: hello. Welcome to my blog. yep wife is always right. During an argument between a husband and wife, i think there are only two points -right point from wife's side and a wrong point(from husband's side).

  20. haha.. rightly said.. biwi ko khush rakhna chahiye.. nahi to gaane ke liye energy dene wala khaana bhi shayed naseeb na ho...
    Glad to be here.. mast blog!

  21. hi Deepika, Welcome to my blog.

    hahaha....sahi hai khaana chaahiye tho beshaq gaana chahiye ya, phir chahaey gaana aaye ya naa aaye...

  22. I must say Rohit is one intelligent guy.... Lol at better than Himesh... :D


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