Tuesday 3 May 2011

Fultu Bakwaas - Jab Din Me Neend Aa Jaaye.....

......Tab Raat Ki Neend Ud Jaaye
Yes, when 'some people' spend some part of their day sleeping, then they have trouble falling asleep at night. What do 'such people' do then?
  • To begin with they go to bed way past their usual bedtime and then lie down with their eyes shut tightly.
  • Then they twist and turn and change their positions and also hold a pillow pressing tightly against their face.
  •  Next, they check the time to see how long it has been since they tucked into bed.
  •  Then they decide to watch some Telly but soon they get bored of it.
  •  Then they decide to read some book but as they cannot concentrate, they give up the idea of reading.
  •  Then they decide to browse the Internet for sometime.
  •  Next, they ping some friend in the other part of the world who is online but soon they realise that the friend has got other important things to do. So they leave the chat.
  •  Then they log into facebook and check out their friends' recent photos.
  •  They realise that spending time on facebook is almost like sleeping and therefore decide to spend some more time on facebook by commenting and 'liking' their friends' status messages and updates, that are albeit 10 or 12 hour old.
  •  Then they decide to read some blog  posts during which time they realise that a post is long overdue on their page and therefore decide to write a blog post.
  •  But ideas do not flash them at God earthly hours, so they spend some time staring at the blank page and ultimately end up writing about their sleepless night.
  • Once they publish the post, they realise that it is morning (yay!!) but by then they experience some dizzy spells. So they pick up their phone, select their office telephone number and call in sick!!! After that they retire to bed........


  1. Hey, Hi...
    hehehehehe, why do i sense a sick leave today?? :P
    hehehehe...nice nice...

    Good night??

    The Silhouette...

  2. khe khe..... :P

    so true.... ppl used to do weird things when they desperately wanna sleep when they r not sleepy... :D

  3. thousand times truE!!! I have done all of the above!! :P

  4. hahaaa....yaa it happens...it happens....:))

    but the problem continues when Boss refuses to accept a Sick and one has to attend his office....:D

  5. you talking about ME :)

    Oh I wish i can take a sick today if only , I have this aweful hay fever and eyes are like a balloon ..

    but what i do is go down and PS3 comes alive and KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLll all the bad guys :)


  6. Lol! So you took a leave feigning illness huh! :p

    Mujhe to kabhi bhi sone bol do, I fall asleep in seconds! :p I'm a sleepy head! ;)

  7. haha... so true! i wish i could take leave.. am sitting at office and browing through blogs.. which is worse than not sleeping i guess!

  8. Hahahaha :))) I could not stop laughing.

    Here is the next step:

    While they are trying to sleep in the day, they are constantly checking you commented on the blog post...

    Are not you doing it now?

  9. LOL, maybe they should start working on their sleeping timings. :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. ha ha ha ha .....but very true...its work !

  11. ha ha.i too do it sometimes. thats damn true

  12. i sleep at 3am nowadayz cuz they shifted dexter's timin to 2 in the night..

  13. @Eon: :) :) yes, I had to take a day off work yesterday.

    @Anoop: :)

    @Maithili : :) :)

    @Irfan: Oh, that is bad if the boss doesnt accept sick note and calls you to work.

    @Bikram: Oh, you have hay fever. yeah this time of the year it gets pretty bad. For me it is just limited to few sneezes. Hope you feel better soon.

    @Nima: lucky you. I never take afternoon naps other wise I have trouble sleeping at night.

    @Chandana: I do that sometimes....same pinch

    @Amrit: hahahaha...well done. indeed, THEY do check for comments!!!! hahahaha...good one!

    @Anshul: yes, day time nap should be a BIG no for them

    @Vish: :)

    @Anu: Same pinch :)

    @Ginger: Welcome to my blog. 3am!!! is that your usual bedtime these days? It would change your body's biological clock , woudnt it? Thank you.


  14. And then in that sleep-ridden state when they can't think straight they make up expressions like "God earthly hour" :D.

  15. Ha ha...though i hardly sleep during day, I still find it difficult to get sleep at night. Blame it on my weird study timings.


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