Thursday 5 May 2011

Hippy Happy Hoppy Day

It comes every year. It passes by every year. It is just like any other day but it is a very special day because you are the centre of attraction on this day and you are spoiled. During your school days, on this day all the girls in your class become your friend. As years progress, and you meet more people and make more friends, on this day every year you get loads of cards, presents, phone calls, text messages, facebook messages. Your near and dear ones plan a surprise party and they utter prayers and good wishes for you. So there are so many good things about this special day but the only not so good thing about this day is that this day spoils your AGE. On this day every year you turn a year older. Not that I am disappointed or afraid of growing old but its just scary to note how time flies and yet there are sooooooooo many things to experience and achieve in life. Despite this and all the ups and downs of life, I absolutely love my life and I love everyone in my life.

Today is my nth birthday. Time has flown by so quickly. But that is life . Time has a very strange way of passing you by. Seconds turn into minutes, minutes turn into hours, hours turn into days, days turn into years, years turn into decades. Yet in hindsight it would seem like everything flew by. And amidst this flight of time, we achieve so many things, we experience so many things and we pass some small, some huge milestones. My blog has passed a huge milestone today. Yay to the 100Th post!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. May I take this opportunity to humbly THANK YOU all for stopping by my page awhile, reading my posts and leaving your valuable comments. Your kind words are forever appreciated and your company is cherished as priceless.


  1. Hey, Hi
    Happppppppppy hipppppy hoppppy day...... yay...
    happy birthday gal.... :D

    and happy 100th post...may that number one day reflect on your age too.. :P

    The Silhoeutte...

  2. Happy Birthday Always Happy. May God bless you and your blog! :)

  3. @AH- happy birthday dear...may god bless u n may all ur wishes cm tru dis year....:):). may ur blog b visited by millions of ppl.....:):)

  4. Wish you a very very Happy Budday girl :)
    May all your dreams come true and the smiles and the good moments always stay by your side !!

    Have a rocking day :) :)

  5. heyyyyyyyyyyyy......
    congratssssssssss on ur 100th post n for ur nth bday

    this is the first time m comin across nth bday.. :P hehe
    may u live another 100 yrs...n may u post another 1000 posts.... :)

    wish u al the best.....

  6. Hey,u r 1 year older now...
    1 year smarter now...
    1 year bigger now...
    and now ur 1 year closer to all your wishes.

    Its always a treat to wish Happy Birthday to someone so Sweet.....:)))

    and Congrats on the 100th Post and yes may that number, one day reflect on ur age to... INSHA ALLAH

  7. Happy Birthday ALWAYS HAPPY GIRL :))))

    Congratulations on 100th post too :)))

  8. You're a centurion now. :P

    Congratulations Always Happy :) May this place always stay happy.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. Happy birthday dear and congrats for your 100th post!! wish u lots of happiness!!

  10. A very happy Nth birthday AH to you, I hope you are having a great day. the weather is good too today.

    and to top it this is that 100th post wowo.. Congrats on that too..

    ups and downs in life well AH this is what life is , it will not be this happy if not for that..

    Congrats once again and you own me a slice of cake..:)


  11. Happy happy joy joy. Happy Birthday A H.
    and a big hug for the 100th post.

  12. Happy happy birthday AH :) And yay to the 100th post !! :)


  13. Happy nth Birthday, AH! :)

    And congratulations on your 100th post. I wish you keep going strong till 1000th post and beyond.

  14. Many Happy Returns of the Big Day!
    May you experience and achieve the soooooooo many things that you wish for!

    And congrats for crossing the 100th mark on blogosphere! I love reading your posts.

    Keep writing and keep rocking! :)

    Happy nth B'day Again! Cheers to you! :D

  15. Congrats Happy birthday

  16. Hi it's nice to hear that you completed 100 posts.congrats on your 100th post.I came here through bikram,following you here on.

  17. Happy birthday AH. Many many returns of the day and may you get all you wish for. :) Congrats on 100 posts. I've the pleasure of reading your very first as well as 100th post. That makes me your loyal reader. :)

  18. Hey AH...Many many happy returns of the day.May all your wishes be fulfilled.
    Congratulations on 100th post on your blog.Keep up the good work.

  19. Belated happy birthday AH.... Sorry for being late but trust me I have never made it on time... :)

    Congratulations for the 100th post... Keep posting... :)

  20. Heyday hippy hoppy and happy birthday miss humesha khush :):D
    and what a coincidence! 100th post of blog? Congrats for that!! It would take me few years to celebrate it.... Lucky !
    Party hard :) :D

  21. Belated Happy Birthday!!! May You have many more, many more Always happy!

    You make me Happy and brings Smile with your each post :)

  22. hey congrts fr ur 100th post n even more units of congrts fr ur Nth bday, i m damn sure no mattr how old r u, it wil stay below 20 :P..good going

  23. Always Happy,

    First thing first. BELATED MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY. MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. And Congratulations on 100 posts.

    Now the rest. Hot weather, age and pre-occupation with grandchildren led to lethargy which put shackles on me for being regular in visiting. Done away with that and read all pending posts. Everyone has something to teach us and it is upto us to learn. Please convey my best wishes to EM for full time vocation without any renumeration, appreciation or holidays but it gives immense job satisfaction. You are lucky to wake up to nature's music. You advised so rightly not to say No to better half. How nice to enjoy the whole night doing all what you want and tell you are sick for office. LOL. That boy will be a good lawyer.

    Take care

    PS : Hope you do check your mail when you do not get sleep at night. LOL.

  24. Congrats!! :)
    I have something for you ..check it in my blog :)


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