Friday 17 December 2010

Hang on.....Gather strength.....Spread your wings....Take flight........

Colourful, vibrant, enchanting, beautiful ......
Fluttering by, flitting from flower to flower .....
BUTTERFLY BUTTERFLY flutter by flutter by....
I was delighted by the beautiful butterfly that I saw during my morning walk today. The butterfly just came fluttering by and sat on a flower gently. The flower swayed but the butterfly stood still on its surface. A minute later the butterfly flapped its wings and rose into the air; once again it was  in the sky, flitting from flower to flower, fluttering its strong yet so fragile wings.

In happiness, we are like the fluttering butterfly in the air and in sorrow, we should be like the butterfly that stands still on the surface of the swaying flower. During the downs, just hang on, gather strength and stretch your wings and take off rejuvenated for the next phase.


  1. Sometimes we're lonely.
    Sometimes we feel we need a place to be grounded...
    Or fly away again.
    I will fly away again.

    Nice analogies.

  2. Absolutely. I choose to fly away again too. Thank you

  3. 'flying' has always been connoted with was nice to read the other side of the story..when you stay still to fly again..
    a butterfly is such a great inspiration to take a breath and start again in the times of distress..

  4. Loved the positivity that flowed from this post :)

  5. flyinggggggggggg spread ur wings and flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy away freeeeeeeeeeddddddddommmmmmmmmmmmm

    loved this post


  6. @S: That is how all of us are, arent we? When we are on the go, we want to stop, breathe and take off again?

    @ Nu: Thank you.

    @Bikram: Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...


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