Thursday 2 December 2010

kuch khaas nahi.....

.........bas yunhi...
shaayad kuch bhi...

Currently I am sitting in the office and am very busy. Busy indeed...In the last couple of hours - I read some interesting posts by fellow blogdosts from the blogosphere, sneaked into facebook, wrote few emails and I have now finally decided to write a post for my blog today. 'Padosi' colleague has also been busy just like me for the past two hours. Afterall, there are 12 (i think) contestants in the 'Britain's next top model' show. Kam se kam  usey do ghantey tho lag hi jaatey hai na sab contestants ka biodata padhney ke liye. It is nice that, for a change both of us are minding our own businesses than gossipping about other colleagues.

ok, enough of staring at the 'new post' page anticipating a flash of idea to strike for a post. High time I started typing something in it. But what am I going to write about today? Several options lie before me that I am confused-

1) em....may be I should write about the three beautiful things that happened since the time I woke up this morning?  
Arrey..It is only 11:30 am now. Perhaps if it was 6pm,  then I would have had three beautiful things to write about. Fair enough

2) May be I should write about some social issue today - poverty, education, corruption, gender discrimination, politics?? 
Nah....that clearly is not my niche. Ruled out.  

3) I know, I know...may be I should write about current affairs - transport disruption due to bad weather? 2018 world cup football bidding? 2G scam? economic recession? rising unemployment?
usey tho rehney hi doon tho acha hai...this is a blog - news paper thodi na hai.

4) How about a short story??
usey tho likhthey likhthey poora din beet jayega. Islliye aaj nahi..phir kabhi

5) ok, just post a picture today.
Picture?? yet again?? There are already more pics in my blog than words. 

5) oh..tho phir I should just add a musical video today. 
Arrey do din pehley wohi tho kiya tha.... waisey bhi .. you tube se nikaalkar blog mein video embed karney se post thodi na kehlaata hai voh. 

Tho phir aaj likha kya jaaye?? 

Itna sochna zaroori hai lya? Remember? this blog was meant to serve as a platform to jot down random thoughts that pop in the mind?? oh yeah...right right....


  1. Hi friend,
    Good morning from Bhatath. Nice picture. Luckily he is only thinking, if he starts doing actions then......?

  2. the format of the post :)

    it does happen to each of us I guess sometime or the much to write but what to write is unclear :)

    yea finally this is your own space...write down whatever YOU wish to...readers will read it any way :)

  3. ha ha! This is such an innocent post AH, one of the bests. You are very cute, jotting down what you were thinking for each idea that came to your mind. This is a post on what not to post :) I like this post very very much :) :)

  4. @ Kamathji: I wish he starts acting. that will be the content of my next post:)

    @ Nu: Thank you. Sahi hai. that makes it easy if there is no pressure to write about any particular topic rather just stick to what you think at the time you decide to post.

    @ Ajay: Thank you so much. I really appreciate your comment.

  5. I hope you do end up writing on other hand NOOOO please dont cause all this thinking and Jotting of thought Is really amusing and made me smile So well done you..

    Yehi likha jaye dubara to kya baat hai :)


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. @ Bikram: haha..thank you.

    @ Sm: welcome to my blog. Thank you

  8. "news paper thodi na hai." you speak Hindi like a's soooo adorable!

    Also kudos on the picture..I like the expression on your face as you sit thinking about your blog post. :D


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