Wednesday 30 March 2011

Fultu Bakwaas - Yeh Andar Ki Baat Hai

Well, it's no longer Andar ki Baat Hai, Is it?

Nah, you got that wrong. I am not talking about Rupa but I am talking about sagging jeans.This evening at the traffic light I saw this guy cross the road. His jeans were only slightly above his knees. It had slipped too far from his waist but just enough to show his funky boxers.A lot of guys these days wear those sagging jeans. They think it is cool. But I think it looks hilarious. Have these boys not outgrown the age where their trousers sag?? Then there are some jeans with a faux-boxer band attached to the back of them so it only looks like they're sagging...but not really. Now that is ridiculous. The fad supposedly started in prisons but I think there might have been numerous other reasons behind how this trend originated:

1)      Belts must have failed to serve their purpose
2)      It is time saving as they only need to get the jeans up to their knee length
3)      Perhaps there was shortage of denim materials
4)      Underwears became more fashionable but only Superman is allowed to wear them over his trousers. Rest of them have to wear their jeans around their knees to display their underwears.
5)      Underwears became a medium of advertising. 
Whatever may be the reason behind the trend of sagging jeans, It is no longer andar ki baat hai. Aaj kal yeh baahar ki baat ho gayi hai!


  1. Pwahahah..... Sometimes you luk at those saggy jeans n wonder when the wind will blow and let them drop off the nonexistent structure called body!

    well written:)

  2. Hehe! Funny post. Good one! :D

    Yeah, it's cent percent true.
    Boys wearing those saggy jeans, thinking that it will make them look 'cool'.

    I get embarrassed if I see any, even though I shouldn't be the one who is being embarrassed. It should be them who should be abashed! :-|

    Anyway no point in saying all that! :P
    As you say 'ye andar ki baat hai, jo abhi bahar aa chuki hai.' :P

  3. hahaha.....
    its not longer andhar ke baat.... hehehe...
    its not always cool to see ppl wearin a jeans like tat showin their depends on the ppl who wear it... thr r lot of 'locals' who jus want some attention of the public.. :\

    nice post....

  4. Hey, Hi
    well, ehh, hmm...ok, i there was a time when i did find it cool (its almoost a decade to it now...) and yes, i did experiment with it too...
    So, no comments on it...but i do wish, i could trade my formals to it..anyday!! mann!! i miss those days...
    when jeans served more than the purpose of an attire, i had a few sketches on it, a hell lot of phone nos... a few songs...and the best part, I WASHED THEM TWICE A YEAR!! yess...
    those days...Hey, you made me feel young again!! thanks...

    The Silhouette...

  5. Hehe...good one, AH. And I agree, it's not very cool. Arre you are a girl and you saw that, that's fine. But think of us guys. WE do NOT want to see another man's underwear. Recently it happened that I was talking to a guy and he stretched while talking, and the waistband of his funky boxers entered the frame. I had to say, "That's more information than I need, mate!"

  6. It sounds really Hilarious!!
    Even me too don't like those sagging jeans..
    Looks so cheap! , don't know why ppl think that they looks cool in that :p
    Nice points :D

    Take care!

  7. Agree with you, what plonkers they are .. I hate them so much ...


  8. @AH- i totally agree wit u(i wear jeans lyk dat its too uncomfy 4 me) bt u shud knw dat dis trend ws startd by gals i guess....dere so calld low waist jeans. nw a days gals r wearin low waist saris also.....wat u ve 2 say abt dat.....:)

  9. I think it came from India, if you have noticed it in UK only now. Here, this trend has prevailed for quite a few years now. I wonder what holds the jeans so low. :P

  10. Agree with you but I do not get to see too much of these anyway

  11. @RH: Welcome to my blog!
    Yes, I have seen some of them even hold it and walk. Probably fearing that it would fall on the ground. Jeez!

    @Enigma: :) thanks.
    Yeah, i dont think it looks cool at all. I was at a restaurant once and a guy on the neighbouring table was sat with his sagging jeans. others were looking at him as if to say either pull it up to waist or just take it off. It was that uncomfortable for us.

    @Anoop: hehe :) Precisely. They just wear it for getting others' attention.

    @Eon: YOu used to wear sagging jeans?? Boy, was it not uncomfortable??Would it not hamper your gait. I mean is it not like tying the knees with belt? Ok, ok , do not get mad at me now. I will keep quiet.
    You used to wash your jeans only twice a year??? and you had phone numbers, songs etc written on them????? I wonder how cool you looked ????

  12. @Sunil: Even girls dont want to see the inner wear of these 'cool' guys!
    hahaha...''too much info'' ...good one!

    @Simran: I think people wear it only for gaining others' attention. Because it is funny,invariaby everyone looks at the person who wears saggy jeans and the wearer enjoys such attention.

    @Bikram: haan Highstreet mein bohat teenagers nazar aathey hain na with saggy jeans.

    @Div: To say the least, my post is not about just wearing the jeans low, but it is about the wearer's display of their inner wear!

    @Anshul: Nah, bohat pehley dekha hai but only yday I gave some thought to it.
    Good question- what holds the jeans so low?? :) :) . some times I have seen some guys hold it with their hands and walk.

    @A: Is there a ban against saggy jeans in some parts of the US? Sometime ago I had read about how a family was penalised when the men of the family walked out with saggy jeans and display of their inner wear that had some strange captions. Not sure how true is that.


  13. AH,

    There is no ban. I am TOOOOOOOOOOO OLDDDDDDDDDDD to go to places where teens hang out.

  14. :) but they are there everywhere...supermarkets, high streets, gyms, leisure centres everywhere.

  15. I asked for a Fultu Bakwaas post and here it is! Thanks AH. I hate such sagging jeans. A very poor way to attract attention. Andar ki baat andar hi rehni chahiye. :)

  16. Hahahahaha..The reasons were just too good..

  17. he he he very funny... u r very true these days its not at all of andar ki bahar ki baat ho gayi hai.. and u can have such type of scene anywhere :)

  18. A H,

    Got your link from your comment at some post. Visited for the first time and after reading currents posts found you convey sense in a very sublte manner mixing it with very appropriate simile. Up and down the slide is one such big example. So is Letting go. We all have starting trouble but one should not get discouraged. So do gear up and I am sure you will come out with flying colours. I always maintain that happiness is in own hands. If we wish to be happy we look at positive side of each happening and be happy. Nice to know little more about you after navigating to the interview. It is an individual's choice but most of the time it becomes vulgar show. I have seen some persons including girls who just do not understand that low waist jeans expose more than what is decent.

    Take care

  19. funny post
    agree with reasons

  20. @Ajay: I have to admit, I wrote the fultu bakwaas post on your demand.
    yep..andar ki baat andar hi rahey tho acha hai :)

    @Alcina: Thank you :)

    @Anu: yes so many of teenagers wallk around displaying their andar ki baat

    @Jack: Welcome to my blog. Thank you so very much for your kind words on my posts. I really appreciate it. Hope to see you back on this page.

    @Sm: hehe. Thank you


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