Thursday 10 March 2011


That’s how I feel at the moment just after a job interview - an INTERNAL interview. It felt very strange to give an interview to people who I work with everyday. Prior to the interview, I thought there is possibly nothing more that I can tell the panel than what they already know about me. But I was wrong. The interview appeared to be the best time for me to demonstrate to the panel what skills and experience I have developed while working with them over the last two years and how I would like to develop it further.

I am not too worried about the outcome as I absolutely love what I currently do. Of course, it will be an added bonus to be successful today and move a step ahead in the career ladder.  But I have nothing to lose if I am unsuccessful today.

When I stepped out of the house this morning, all I had in mind was that I must do my best in both rounds of the  interview and I have managed to achieve that. During my interview prep, it was interesting to analyse what the other external candidates may bring to the position and what unique thing I have to offer to the role. Well, to find answer to that I had to be myself at the interview. After all, who else is responsible for creating my professional reputation other than me!


  1. Well, I haven't faced the interview yet but I know it's quite strainful !
    In interviews there is a challenge to prove others that I am the best , I have more capabilities than others in a short period of time!

    I liked your positive attitude and your determination to give your best!

    Good Luck Dear :)

  2. Congratulations for doing it the way you wanted it. And yes, the interview board is always the place where we can showcase what we hold and can hold.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. Glad that you did well in the interview. Wish the outcome is in your favor too!! :)


  4. Giving your best is a victory in itself. You certainly do live up to your name 'Always Happy'. Although I would love to know your real name :)

    All the best for the outcome.

  5. fear to loosing something is very harmful..
    and the important thing i observed here is that you knew that you are not going to loose anything.. so naturally you had to excel at the interview,as you did.... by your own way.... CONGRATS.

  6. Thank you very much and happy to be amongst my online friends again.

  7. Congrats for doing well in your interview AH.Wish you luck.:)

  8. @Simran: Thank you. Yes, that is exactly what interviews are meant for.

    @Anshul: Thank you.

    @Sukanya: Thank you. I have now known the outcome and I have not been successful.

    @Soumya: That is right. :)

    @Irfaan: Absolutely. Thank you

    @pdkamath: Thanks for visiting my page. Good to know you are doing fine and are back to blogging now

    @Yasha: Thank you.

  9. Doing your best matters more than anything else. Even more important than success or failure.


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