Tuesday 8 March 2011

Yeh Theek Nahi Hai....Woh Theek Nahi Hai........

Ab Bas Bhi Karo..

Arrrggh! We ran out of orange juice this morning - Arrrggh! The kids were not ready on time this morning - Arrrggh! The traffic was not moving this morning - Arrrrggh! why did the telecon have to be arranged for 9am? - Arrrggh! The host of the call has not dialled in yet - Arrrggh! 10 mins since the call was due and yet no one has joined the call - Arrrgh! the computer - Arrrggh! the canteen - Arrrggh! the tea - Arrrggh! the blah - Arrrggh! the bleh.....Arrrggh! the anything .......Arrrggh! the everything..........

Dear Colleague, Can I please make a suggestion? Shop for food/juice on the weekend - Tuck the kids into bed early in the evenings - Start from home early in the morning and beat the traffic - Keep on top of your emails and diary arrangements so that you know the exact time of meetings/telecons - and oh! there was no one on the call this morning because the call was cancelled!

For all the other ARRRGGHs,  I have just one thing to say - The whining is same old . But each day is a new day. Please wear a smile and see everything from behind that smile. Trust me - Life is beautiful!


  1. It's so true!!
    Have a smile always on your face:)

  2. :) yesssssssss smile and the worls smiles tooo

    hope you see less of this whining :)


  3. aaaaahh.. that sounded just perfect for me :)
    ishhhmyyyyle :) :) :)

  4. Ha...the crib gang, they can be really tiresome.

  5. You should ask her, "Do you want some cheese with that whine?" :-)

    Always keep smiling it makes people wonder what you have been up to!

  6. very right... whatever be the circumstances, keep smiling.... it costs nothing n pays a lot.....:))

  7. oh yeah!! Life is beautiful!! :)

  8. At times I behave pretty much like your colleague.:)
    But yes new morning,a new day and new challenges(so try finding new excuses);)
    P.S.-I added the application to my blog as you suggested.:)Thanks

  9. Oh!..
    This is very true!
    Liked your positive view- ''But each day is a new day''

    Loved it learned this mantra to live a happy life

  10. Very true,I completely agree with you and thanks for spreading smiles:):)

  11. Good one...yes life is indeed beautiful!!

  12. @Neeha: thank you

    @Bikram: hope so too

    @S: ishmyling back at you

    @Purba: yes, boring life it must be

    @Sunil: :)

    @Irfaan: Yes. that is right

    @Sukanya: Agree

    @Soumya: yes, it is.

    @Yasha: :) that is only once in a while right?

    @Simran: Thank you. YOu keep smiling too.

    @Sushant: Thank you for agreeing with me.

    @Pratibha: Thank you

    @Ria: Welcome. Thank you

    @Restless: Thank you sooooo much for the mention on your blog.


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