Wednesday 23 March 2011

Look What I Found Today??

Today I found a beautiful post in the blogosphere titled DEAR DIARY. The author of this post is a friend and a co-blogger. Our first interaction was when he commented on one of my posts few months ago. Since then I have been following his blog. His witty style of writing and his taste for Sher aur Shayari has made him one of my favourite bloggers. May I please introduce you to SUNIL GOSWAMI? Sunil started blogging in 2006. He writes about love, life, relationship, reaching targets, TV shows, Movies, Cultural differences, humour and anything that comes to his mind. His daily logs of the biphasic sleep that he records in his blog are an amazing read.  His posts Baba Ke VIP Bhakt and Stop Waiting are a must read. Overall, Sunil's Blog I BLOG, THEREFORE I AM! is a reader's delight. Presenting one of my favourite posts and pictures from Sunil’s blog -

Dear Diary

English is the unofficial official language of India. Therefore it becomes imperative for everyone to learn speaking, reading and writing English as they are growing up. If they want to succeed in business/profession, that is. 

Being fortunate enough to be able to learn it, I have had countless people ask me for my secret or for advice. Among other things I always tell them to write a diary. 

Writing a diary is good because it’s a composition you don’t have to think about and since it’s from you and for you, you don’t have to be too grammatically correct. It makes both interesting writing and reading. For you.

But other than as a language tool also writing a diary is very useful. Many a times we have such a tangled web of thoughts in our mind that we cannot think straight or figure out our life. Life is always a web, never a straight road or even crossroads. In such a situation writing about your thoughts helps you pull the threads apart and examine them one at a time. You can understand their importance, their interrelations and the importance of these interrelations. 

Most of the time out of this self-analysis will emerge a path to solution. But even if there is no solution, or no immediate solution, thinking clearly about it can calm your mind and give you peace for the time being. 

When you write about people, surprisingly enough, you are more tolerant towards them than while thinking. Maybe because of the immortal nature of the written word you don’t want to be spiteful against someone who is not there (unless you are a news reporter), and this mellowed attitude filters back to your thinking.When you put ideas to paper (even virtual paper), you can see them more clearly and judge them more accurately. 

That’s my thinking. What do you think? 


  1. i know him and already following his Blog....

    I enjoy reading his write ups too.......

    BABA ANDROID KI JAI.........

  2. Diary also says 'Prepare for GMAT'.

  3. Thanks for sharing link to Sunil's blog AH.He indeed had a wondervful blog.Wish you luch for your GMAT preparations.:)

  4. Thanks for introducing a good writer to us... :)

    Diary writing... Well I' am planning to start doing it since 9th standard, but its still in its planning phase... :D :D

  5. Diary tells me to go and comment on his blog. :P

  6. I agree most with the last para, writing a diary makes you more tolerant towards situations and other people.
    I also used to write a diary, used to. when I was unmarried, I wrote about my fights with my parents, conflicts with my friends, love and break ups, my diary was more than my best friend.
    After getting married, I started writing in a new diary. This time I was writing about my teething problems along with my Mother-in-law, little did I know she would read it!
    And one day when it happened, all hell broke loose! So writing a diary is not always a good thing to do.

  7. @Irfan: :). yes, I think Android waale baba is cool!

    @A: hahaha....clever!

    @Yasha: pleasure Yasha. Thank you for your good wishes for my GMAT.

    @Anshul: :) yes please do.

    @Pooja: :(. oh Saas Bahu jhameley?? Certainly, the diary should not have got into the hands of your MIL. I hate to imagine what would have been the scenario then. I feel sorry for you Pooja.
    Whenever I have had some issues with some person and I have chosen to write about them, I have made sure I did not write it in Hindi or English. I am lucky I know to read and write few other indian languages and I have used one of those languages and prayed that the writing doesnt get into any other person's hands.

  8. @Tan: My pleasure. Implement the plan soon girl!

  9. Hi AH, many thanks for this kind post. I was indeed flattered by your introduction.

    Also thanks to the commenters for sharing their thoughts and of course, for the compliments. :)

    AH, I hope you don't mind if I address some of the thoughts of the commenters from my own experiences with diary-writing.

    @Tanishka - Starting a diary is easy. Get all the material you need to write, either a paper diary or create a folder on your computer to store MS-Word files. But don't start writing yet. Start writing on a day when something happens that you feel like remembering forever. It can be something good or something not so good, as long as it has an emotional impact on you.
    I started writing on 3rd Sept 1990, when I got rejected by the college that was my last hope and made a resolve to do something better with my life. I wanted never to forget that resolve, and it was easy to start a diary just to put that resolution on paper.

    @Pooja - Sorry about your diary-in-the-hands-of-MIL incident. It is indeed very important to keep the diary private otherwise you cannot be frank with it. These days I use Word to write diary so I can protect my files with passwords, but in the days when I used to write on paper, I had some simple codes to express events and emotions. For example, don't use names in diary only codes for people. Then you can have simple sentences that mean something only to you.
    Long time ago I used to have a girlfriend whom I used to call at her work. The first thing I always asked was about weather. If she said, "Mausam theek hai." means we could talk, otherwise try again later. :) It's not hard to come up with a simple code when you are the one creating it and also the one reading it. Good luck. :)

  10. My pleasure Sunil. I really liked this post.

    Thank you for addressing the comments made by our blogfriends.

    very interesting to know how/why you started writing diary.

    Oh, I like that 'mausam theek hai' concept. Clever!

  11. Hey AH, tats a nice blog...n a nice pic too.... hehee...

    n hey i hav been writin diary since my 9th std..n i feel it has helped me a lot to improve my language.. :)

    n hey pls dont 4get to find a place to hide it... ;)

  12. Hey Anoop, Welcome to my Blog. Thank you. I got that Pic from Sunil's blog. I liked it too.

    That is good that you maintain a diary! I do not write diary but at times I pen down my thoughts and it has helped me improve my language too. Oh yes hiding the diary is very important as it is very very personal.

    Thank you for your kind words. I hope to hear more from you.

    Always Happy


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