Friday 11 March 2011

Ek Pal Ka Jeena....

....Phir Tho Hai Jaana...
Tohfa Kya Leke Jaaye, Dil Yeh Bataana
Khaali Haath Aaye They Hum
Khaali Haath Jaayenge
Bas Pyaar Ke Do Meethey Bol Jhilmilaayenge
Tho Hans kyonki Duniya Ko Hai Hansaana.... 
I woke up to some very bad news this morning: First, the sudden death of my friend’s father in India. Second, the earthquake in Japan. It was devastating to hear. My heart goes out to my friend and the rest of her family and the thousands and thousands of people in Japan during this difficult time.

News like this though disturbing, serves as a reminder that life is just so unpredictable and we never know what each day will bring.

People who have suffered loss today had no choice. Destiny forced them to let go of their dear ones and all the other material stuff that they would have been endearingly attached to. But there are times when we do have the choice to let somethings go: No argument, anger, jealousy or revenge against any person can ever be worth it if destiny plays its trick and you don’t see that person ever again. Letting go is a kind of bravery.

Each day is a miracle. Let us live it to the fullest. Let us spread smiles, kindness and love. Let us learn to forgive and grab every opportunity to be happy and make others around us happy and make this life worthwhile.


  1. very thoughtful.. and very true. Life is random and unpredictable. Make the most of every moment :)

  2. very true... we have got nothing to take away from here with us, even then we keep on accumulating things and money for whole life by any means....

    Really feel sad for the people of Japan who lost their dear ones during earth quake n Tsunami yesterday...

  3. Oh yes !
    You said a very true thing here..''Each day brings something new to our way''
    Ek pal hasna , ek pal rona..
    Ek pal jeena ,ek pal marna ..Hi to jindagi hai..

    Really feeling bad for Japan and for your friend.
    Take care..

  4. Hey, Hi
    a beautifuls thought...i always believe that theres no better thing than letting go...grudges only make us bitter...
    nice read gal...

  5. Natures fury at its worst in Japan...sad.

  6. @Chandana: Thanks for agreeing with me.

    @Irfaan: True. Yes, cant imagine the pain the survivors are feeling currently.

    @Simran: Absolutely. Thank you

    @Eon Heath: that is exactly what I was getting at. Glad you liked it.

    @Alka: yes, sudden and shocking it is.

  7. beautiful post
    Phir Tho Hai Jaana
    yes each day is miracle

  8. true :(
    my prayers for ppl in Japan and your friend..

  9. @SM: Thank you

    @S: Thank you. I hope God gives them a the strength to move on.

  10. It was really heartening to hear that news of Japan earthquake and Tsunami.

  11. so true, lyf is really very unpredictable.. loved ur thoughts . and keep going spreading ur smile :)

  12. @Anshul: Yes, watching TV is bringing me down. It is full of news and videos from Japan .

    @Anu: Thank you.


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