Tuesday 22 March 2011

Starting Trouble

Where there is a will, There is a way.
No, I am not attempting to start a scooter but my current situation is not much different to that of the scooter. One of my school friends - Rini, her dad used to have a scooter that always had starting trouble. Rini's dad used to spend at least 15-20 minutes every morning kicking the scooter, shaking the scooter to get it started. Once started, the Bajaj scooter was reliable. The scooter would only start off hard but would get easier later. It would take Rini's father wherever he wanted to go. After all it was Hamara Bajaj - Hamara Kal, Hamara Aaj, Buland Bharath ki Buland Tasveer!

Anyway, getting back to the starting trouble, my current situation is like that of Rini's Dad's scooter. I need a kick or push to get my acts right and start with my preparation for my GMAT exams. I have purchased all the books and study materials and I am all set to enjoy the study ride but I am currently experiencing a starting trouble. The two things that are keeping me from starting my journey are - fear of unknown and my thought that it is going to be hard and whether I will succeed. But this is always the case when we start something new - cycling, driving, swimming etc. Things always start off hard and only get easier along the way. It is all in our minds. Nothing is ever too hard if we are determined to achieve it - Hamara Kal, Hamara Aaj, Buland Mann ki Buland Tasveer!


  1. best of luck for your upcoming exams and i just wish you get a smooth start and then keep on going with ur ride....

    Best wishes,

  2. With God's help you will succeed. All the best!

  3. Hehe! Good Post! :)

    I face the same problem while to study for the uni exams or other work which needs to be done. It's only the start that is difficult to start! :P

  4. Hey, Hi
    its all in the mind...so true...n here i am, instead of studying for a certification exam for which my comapny is paying, i have finished 3 novels in four days!!! thats the problem with engineers, unless and until we are given the date of the exam, we dont bother studying!! phew...
    its all in the mind...mt mind seems confused though...

    The Silhouette...

  5. its really true.starting trouble is common.keep blogging.

  6. wow that so nice.. and so true we get trouble at starting time

  7. Hehe, loved how you connected it with the scooter story. Very nice post!

    I find starting new projects very exciting, unless it's study of course, then it's HARD. I have found it useful to start small, ridiculously small. Like only reading the preface of the first book in first sitting. Then reading only 2 pages the next day....and pretty soon, you are hooked and well on your way.

    Good luck!

    P.S. Remember to blog as part of taking your breaks, hehe.

  8. It's same with me too. Beginning is always difficult but once we persist and get on with it, it's easy. Like you said, nothing is ever too hard if we are determined to achieve it. All the best for GMAT, AH. I'm sure you'll do well. :) Oh and Rini is my friend's name too. :)

  9. true true true..
    the best part is you know what is stopping you. So all u need to do is break that shackle :)
    Allllllllllll the best :)

  10. Very true :) Buland mann ki Buland tasveer
    Good luck for your exams ..

    Take care

  11. but why are you doing gmat for what :)

    and hey hum honge kamyaab
    hum honge kamyaab
    ek din
    man main hai vishwaash
    hum honge kamyaab ek din

    and also When the going gets tough the tough get going .. so chakk de fatte and get to it .. 1 -2 -3 gooooooooooooooooo


  12. Go watch a movie or buy a dress and then seriously start....Vroooom....good luck.

  13. hey evn i m facing the same prob bt ma issues r different.....:):)

  14. AH,

    No offence but staying away from blogging would help...specially my blog ...it is so addictive.. haha :)))

  15. All the best with the first step, it is the toughest.

  16. No don't listen to what A says. You can save at least half an hour for blogging. :) And moreover we need your posts to pep us up. :)

  17. @Irfan: Thank you so much. I hope so too Irfan bhai.

    @NRIGIRL: Many Thanks.

    @Enigma: *same pinch*...yes not knowing where to start from and how to start. But once we start we will be fine. Thank you.

    @Silhouette: 3 novels within 4 days?? Get on with the certification programme mate especially if your company is sponsoring it. You will be fine. Your confused mind needs a push as well, doesn't it?

    @Lata: Wecome to my blog. Thank you for your feedback. I hope to see you here again.

  18. @Anu: Thank you so much.

    @Sunil: Thank you. I am glad you liked it. I think I should do the same. Start with some small topic and proceed gradually. And yes, that is a good idea too, to blog during break hours.

    @Ajay: *same pinch* join the club. Thank you Ajay. You are very kind. I hope we are not talking about same Rini. Shhh! Dont mention this post to her.

    @S: Yes, that is right. Thank you my dear.

    @Simran: Thank you so much

    @Bikram: I am pursuing GMAT to get into a business school (preferably here in UK) for an MBA programme. Ek dum sahi. Mann mein hai vishwaas, poora hai vishwaas, hum hongey kamyaab ek din! Thanks Bik. That was so motivational.

  19. @Alka: Buying a dress seems to be a better option! yay!! Thank you.

    @Div: *same pinch*. I do not know what issue you are facing but I can only hope that you manage to overcome the obstacle and you have a smooth journey towards your goal. Good luck friend.

    @A: Aha!! that was a very different suggestion! haha... I wouldnt have expected a coblogger to give me that advice though :). No denying that you have an awesome blog. Like I told you other day,I enjoyed reading some of your posts.

    @Anshul: Thank you so much

    @Ajay: NOw are you not the most loyal blogdost? How sweet was that!! Thank you so much. I shall continue to blog. Like Sunil mentioned utilising break time from studies to blog is a good option.

    Thank you all of you friends for your kind words - Always Happy

  20. Atleast u are like the BAJAJ scooter. once the first phase of pushing and forcing yourself to start, you go well and long.

    The same is not the case for all. They start bang on time but stop soon. Procrastination!!

  21. wow...u preparin for GMAT? tats good... :)
    stop bloggin n then concentrate on fuelin ur scooter... hehe... ;)

    study well okay.... only good things happen to good ppl..... :) study wel....

    al the best...

  22. @RH: :) Even I go through that phase of starting, going smooth for a good period of time and then once again slowing down.During such times, i take a short break (totally away from what I am lacking interest in) and then come back rejuvenated to keep going again.

    @Ninu: Thank you. I may not stop blogging completely but yes frequency of posting may go down eventually. Thank you so much for your kind words.


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