Saturday 26 March 2011

Letting Go................

For the past few weekends I have been on a quest to get rid my house off stuff that I have collected over the years. I have already cleared bags of clothes, shoes, magazines and other household items that no longer are of use to me but were just adding to the clutter in my house. There are still several items that need clearing but the purging gets harder as it gets down to personal items – diaries, cards, presents, soft toys, DVDs etc. In order to make space for new items, I need to make some arrangements: either organise the current stack better or let go some stuff.
This afternoon I wasn’t particularly keen to do the de-cluttering. As I tried to put away the book that was lying on the bed for the past so many days, onto my bookshelf, the stack of books on the topmost rack of the shelf got disturbed and a lot of books toppled down. It was high time I organised the bookshelf ! I have now managed to get rid of some old books and journals, organized the remaining books and I have made space for new books. Currently, the house looks a bit cleaner and spacious and there is room for some new stuff.

The same principle applies to human mind too. There are certain times when the mind gets piled up with worries, disappointments and pain. It can push us to the edge that one more harsh word, a rude comment or disappointment can bring us down completely. Just like how our surroundings need a bit of purging from time to time, sometimes mind also needs some cleaning out. We need to defuse negative energy and let go off anger, unpleasant memories and pain and gather ourselves and welcome positive energy. A calm and clear mind is the key to peace and happiness and it enables us to stay focused on the bigger picture ahead of us.


  1. Very rightly said. A calm and clear mind is the key to peace and happiness and success in life. I like the way you write (this goes without saying but still) and the way you relate things with our everyday life. As for me it's very difficult to let go of my stuff. :) Yes and please keep coming up with Fultu Bakwaas series once in a while. I totally love that. :)

  2. I am totally agree with you ..Sometimes our mind get flooded with loads of worries and negative thoughts that interrupt the entrance of happiness and joy and makes our life a Burden.So,time to time we must delete them and try to stop entering in our beautiful life..

    Nice post :)

  3. Hey, Hi
    letting go may no tbe always the easiest thing to do, but it certainly is one of the best...letting go off grudges, expectations can help us see through the reasoning and pain...
    it helps us grow, learn...
    Letting go... :) nice.

    The Silhouette...

  4. I know it is important to let go but then its difficult too... With everything you have a memory attached...
    Even I find it difficult to discard my old stuff to make space for new ones...
    For the books toppling down, you need to come and see my wardrobe sometime and you would see the world toppling down... :D

  5. Letting go of thoughts is not as easy as letting go of things... I guess you need a lot of practice and u constantly need to keep reminding yourself to think happy thoughts!

    And for some reason, how much ever i try to clear out the clutter in my room.. it still seems full to the brim!!

  6. Agree, but with selves, we can do it on our own, but with out minds and hearts we are dependent on others, we need their help, their words, to make us feel better.

  7. agree with you AH,,, it would have been so nice if we could do that.... buttttt its not that easy to let those things n those moments go from our mind and from our thoughts.....

    will like to share this about what generally we all keeps thinking about our past moments....
    "मेरा कारनामा ए जि़न्दगी मेरी हसरतों के सिवा कुछ नही
    ये किया नही- वो हुआ नही- ये मिला नही- वो रहा नही"

  8. There is only one problem with the mind, it is hard to clean or even peep into each corner, because there are many alleys that we haven't trodden upon for quite long and have forgotten if they existed. And its not easy to handpick things to be rinsed out of the mind.
    Still, we can give it a try. DO let me know if you make any progress.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. I wish the cleaning of the useless things from the mind was so easy, specially when it is the mind that helps us keep track and decide on everything.

    Nice one!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. @Ajay: It is hard for me as well to let go some stuff. with regards to having a calm mind, I am working on letting go anger. I am learning to focus on just the big picture and ignoring unpleasant things. It is hard but I am getting there gradually.
    Thank you so much for your kind words. Much appreciated. Yes, I will come up with a Fultu Bakwaas post soon.

    @Simran: Thank you for agreeing with me. It certainly helps to have a positive outlook towards people and life in general.

    @Silhouette: Exactly, it is very hard but not impossible and letting go off grudges and anger helps us. I am learning to forgive people who have hurt me (knowingly or unknowingly) and am trying to have a positive attitude. It works for me.

  11. @Tan: yes, I think I must get rid of some old cards etc but I just dont have the heart to do so. They are special. So they end up piling in a new place every time I down to decluttering the stuff. I can lend you a helping hand in clearing your wardrobe. I am bit of a ceanliness freak like Monica from 'friends'.

    @Chandana: Spot on. That is what I have been trying to do recently - trying to have a very positive outlook for life and towards people.

    @Pooja: That is correct but we must try to be open to opinions, criticism and putting things into perspective if we are dependent on others as I find it hard to handle when people start advising and they are trying to enforce their point of view on us.

    @Irfan: I totally agree with you. It is easier said than done. It takes a lot of effort to let go. But it is worth a try. Thank you soooooooo much for sharing those beautiful words. I appreciate it. How true!

    @Anshul: Absolutely right. It is not easy cleansing mind like how easy it is to clean a book shelf or closet. Pain or some memories never fade away no matter how old they are but we can only stay positive and hope for a brighter future. I am learning to forgive and forget and keeping my mind open for what each day has to offer. There are times when I go four steps forward and then two steps backwards. Still it is better than going back to sqaure one. That is how I work through difficult times of my life.

  12. Letting go of things and memories dear to your heart is painful and no one wants to leave them.

    Negative feelings as you said although they hurt you, you are unable to let go of them.

    And as far as old things are concerned, you should see my cupboard. It overloaded with my stupid stuff. Even then I still try hard to stuff new things into it. The day is not long when I think my cupboard will burst! :P

    Liked the way you put it! :)

  13. Nice post, AH. I hope you hadn't written it though. It reminded me that I have to de-clutter my room :( It's been pending for a while.

    Irfan ji, nice one!

    I hope you don't mind if I add one as well.

    चन्द तस्वीर-ए-बुतां चन्द हसीनों के खतूत
    बाद मरने के मेरे घर से ये सामां निकला

  14. @Sunil : i know Baba ke ghar se ye saamaan zaroor nikle ga...:)
    but why मरने के बाद sir ji ???... this is the right time to do that, when u r planning to de-clutter ur place.... so take out all those हसीनों के खतूत n share with us at ur space.......:D

  15. From sentence 1, I guessed where you were heading...very hard to clear mind though but with time it is possible.

  16. Lovely message AH.

    True, we should let go the unwanted clutter we have stored in ourselves. But usually its not that easy as it sounds. I have tried to erase few events and person off my memory, but only in vain. When I come across similar situations or people, i immediately go back to those bad memories. But time has taught me how to put them all at the back of the mind and prioritize other things that are worth worrying about :)


  17. Letting go is very difficult for me, but as you said once done, it will bring peace and happiness :)

  18. @Irfan:
    I don't want to have to say this:
    राज़ की बातें लिखी और खत खुला रहने दिया
    जाने क्यूँ रुसवाइयों का सिलसिला रहने दिया

    But doston ki demand hai to karenge kucch. ;)

  19. De-cluttering the mind is so difficult! But we need to do that from time to time..
    Somehow I always enjoy cleaning my room and de-cluttering/ organising things around.. But when it comes to my Mind- i think there is a lot of space to keep everythingggggggg :-|

  20. @Enigma: Yeah, that is right. it is not always easy to let go.
    All of us do it - stuffing the cupborads as long as it can take stuff but one day you try to shove something in and everything comes toppling down and thats when the decluttering has to take place.
    :) Thank you.

    @Sunil: So now you know what you are doing next weekend? Decluttering your room.

    @Irfan: So you and Sunil are having a good time exchanging shers here?

    @A: you are always a genius.:). true, with time it is possible to let go..

    @Sukanya: Thank you. Long time!
    It happens, it happens but we will get there someday.

    @Poonam: That is correct poonam. It is hard but if we succeed, then it is worthwhile.

    @Sunil: those lines are just so beautiful.

    @S: I enjoy organising things around too. Yes decluttering mind is diificult. YOu have space for everything?? You are good!

  21. hey!
    lovely post..this one.. and yes very rightly said too that once in a while we need to let go and clear things around us to create positive energy.. and like most people i too cant let go.. so the hoarding list has gift wrappers, dried flowers etc...

    like the way ur write! keep writing hope to come bck n read some more!



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