Monday 28 February 2011

Offo! Kaali Billi Raasta Kaat Gayi!

ab kya hoga?
Whilst driving to work this morning, as I pulled off my drive way onto the street, a black cat crossed my path. Generally, I am not superstitious but this was the first time ever that a black cat had crossed my path at the start of the day.  Immediately, I wondered if something wrong was going to happen today? I slowed the car and took a second look at the cat to find out if (read hoping that)  it had any specks of white colour on its paws or coat. But none.. it was a pure BLACK CAT.

I did not have enough time to take a turn and drive back home and then re start my journey . There was no other side street there either. I had no choice but to continue with my journey. During the rest of my journey, I kept thinking if something wrong was going to happen to me today. Even in the office,  I carefully watched each and everything that I did/happened around me. To my surprise, everything went well till the close of play. Of course, I was pleased about that. But it only meant that I was going to be nervous during my journey  back home fearing that something wrong might happen then.

As I left the office premises,  I began to drive extra cautiously so as to try my best to fight the bad luck that the black cat was going to bring on me. In this attempt, I took a weird turn into a road and Thuddddddddddddddddddddd -  banged the front left wheel sharply onto the kerb. First thing that came to my mind then was – the BLACK CAT!. I restarted the engine and moved on feeling relieved that entire day the bad thing that I was fearing might happen had now happened and everything was going to be fine thereafter. I drove home safely.

On second thoughts, a lot worse could have happened. I could have crashed into the shops by the side of the road or onto an oncoming vehicle or onto a pedestrian even. Perhaps, the Black Cat brought me some good luck then and prevented such accidents from happening???Anyway, in some of the European countries, having a Black cat cross your path is considered a good omen.

Well, I think it is all in the mind. A Black cat is a black cat. That is all. It has no special power to curse someone to have a bad day or to bless someone to have a good day. If you believe that something good is going to happen to you then the positive frame of mind is going to help you appreciate everything around you. On the other hand, if you are in a negative state of mind, like how I was today, then you are bound to do something wrong. Why blame it on the poor cat? Entire day today, I had been thinking that something wrong was going to happen which influenced my driving and so crashing into the kerb was bound to happen.

OK. So, what does a black cat crossing your path mean then? Well, it simply means that the cat is going to other side of the road!!


  1. Once you start believing in superstitions there's no end to it. Why take on unnecessary stress!

    Well, it simply means that the cat is going to other side of the road!! Precisely!!!!

  2. Hey, Hi
    Well, true, its all in the mind...Watever is bound to happen will theres no point in blaming the poor cat for it...
    But, its the cynical mindset that we humnas tend to have, blaming others for wat truly is our own doing, so the poor cat foots the bill!!

    nice post..

    The Silhouette...

  3. of coarse its simple...."it simply means that the cat is going to other side of the road!!"....

    BTW just find out did any thing happend to that cat or not.... bcoz we human beings are more unlucky for them...... :P

  4. hehe. but we never consider what happens to the cat when we cross its path? do we? :P
    but you be safe and as you say "always happy" :)

  5. I seriously believe if you venture out for something and suddenly meet a black cat it does not bode well for you...BUT only if you are a chuhiya!!

    Glad you are okay.

  6. YEs thats what living creatures do .. to go across .. thats the logic behind it ..
    but cum on here in uk when every second house has a pet Cat how many cross the way god knows .. If we start to think that way then Britishers are lucky they went to rule the whole world :)

    Anyway glad the THUDDDDD was not that bad it was probably you were thinking too hard about the cat...

    How is your car is it ok.. and how are you :)

    take care and dont let thses things bother you that much :)


  7. hahaha, when the cat crosses your path, it can also mean that the cat has some work to do on the other side, just like you. And it was good that you took is just as a precaution, but then why were you overly cautious than normal.

    Take care,

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. Blame it on horror movies which have defamed black cats by relating them with evil. Cats black hai to isme uska kya dosh?

  9. I love cats and I don't know who created this useless superstition... Cats are sooo cutee :D

  10. Liked the way you put it, cat or no cat .. :)

  11. @Purba: absolutely.

    @The Sihouetee: i totally agree with you. Thank you

    @Irfaan: I am hoping that the cat is fine. I havent seen it around after that day.

    @Pauami: I mentioned above, i hope the cat is fine. I must have brought some good luck to it :). Thank you.

    @Vish: Thank you

    @Sunil: hahaha...funny!

    @Bikram: Sahi na...ghar ghar mein billi hoti hai jaane kitney hi ssarey black hai unmey.
    yes, yes, I am fine. Wheel ke rim pe laga tha. hope ki theek hai.

    @Anshul: hahaha..yes it was probably going to do its work on the other side of the road where there is some grass!
    I was bit nervous as I believed I wasnt going to drive well that evening.

    @Sushant: Thank you.

    @Ajay: jaaney kaha se shuruaat hui in superstitious beliefs ki?

    @Tan: I am not a fan of Cats but I like them from a distance. Harmless animals they are indeed.

    @AS: Thank you.

  12. nice post
    may be India visit effect

  13. Its your thoughts which will affect the outcome!

    Well, it simply means that the cat is going to other side of the road!! Right on!

  14. @Sm: Thank you and haha..good one there!

    @Poonam: absolutely.


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