Thursday 17 February 2011

Waqt ko Roko...

Jadoo Yaha Aisa Chal Jaaye...
Yeh Waqt Yehi Aaj Ruk Jaaye...

After three weeks of great time in India with my family, here I am packing my bags (with Amma's help) today to return to England tomorrow. This has been a great trip. I am done with visiting all friends and relatives, clothes shopping, DVD and Book Shopping, Food shopping.

Amma is packing papads, achaars, sambar powder, rasam powder, pedas, laddoos etc....She has already packed two bottles of Ayurvedic Medicines that will apparently help me gain some weight!!!!!!!!!! Amma, doesnt understand my strategy of weightloss. I was quite proud of my slim look three weeks ago but Amma thought I work far too hard and dont look after myself well. She has worked hard to feed me with tons of sweets and is now satisfied with my chubby look.

And here I am only wishing the time stopped here and tomorrow never came so that I dont have to go back to England again.

I have had best time of my life in the last three weeks. I will share with you all some of the pics and incidents in my forthcoming posts. Big thank you to you blogdosts for checking in my site regularly and dropping me lines/emails. I will respond to you personally at my earliest opportunity. Also, a warm welcome to all the new visitors and followers. Last but not least, big thank you to the blogdosts who have awarded me the stylish blog award. I will do the needful at my next best opportunity.

Chalo, then, let me go and help Amma to do the packing .....:( :( :(

I will write new posts once I reach England and settle in well.


  1. Yayyyy :) do one thing let Amma pack all that You dont have to ead them.. give all of them to me ... I will have them all I got no issues with weightloss.. Given up on that front since ages ...

    and when you come make sure you bring some sunshine tooo its coldddddddddddddd here :)

    have a safe journey and yeah keep an eye on all that foood :) he he he


  2. Welcome back to blogger....

    So your trip to India is nice haaa!!!

  3. Home, its always the same feeling, that the time would stop and we could stay there just like we did...

    Take care

  4. Hey AH... good to see your post :) You were missed here in this space!!! Good to know that you had a great time. Waiting to listen to your trip stories.

    Have a safe journey !! :)


  5. Hey, Hi...
    well, true, returning is the hardest part of the trip...more so when its away from home...

    The Silhouette...

  6. Good to see your post after a long time... Missed you... :)
    Mommies are the best... Would love to see your new chubby look... :D

  7. Hey! Surely you must have had a great its said "Home is where Heart is!"

    nice to hear from you after so long :)

    Don't worry about that chubby your mom had that limited awesome time to pamper you

    Always Be Happy :)

  8. Hi always happy, so going back to England........oh! I know how hard it is.but be happy always like your name.
    let me tell you a good newz for you.I really like your blog and the way you connect to people thru smiles So I mentioned your name in my gratitude post at BLOGJUNTA.Have a look and tell me how you feel about it.thanks!!

  9. hey Bikram, both (me and food) have made it safe to England. Oh what a difference!!! One part of the world has sunshine and the other part of the world is facing rain!! I seriously wish I could go back to India :(.

    Hello Sushanth, Thank you. Yes, I had a fantastic time in India.

    Hi Anshul, that is correct. how I miss my olden golden days that I spent at home with my parents.

    Hi Sukanya, thank you. Have made it safe to England. Trying to beat the Jetlag currently. Should be with a post soon.

    hello Silhouette, thank you for the award. I shall spend some time at your blog soon.

    hello Tan, thank you so much. Oh i so loved your posts about the commenters. I am yet to leave a comment there though.
    I now have chubby cheeks, double chin...that doesnt make a good photo at all ...

    hellO S, how are you doing? thank you :(

    Hello Poonam, how are you doing? yes,I had a lovely time away. My mother has done full justice to the limited time she had to feed me with sweets and all the other delicacies.

    hey Pratibha, Thank you sooooooooooo very much for the mention. I am really touched.

  10. You need pills to put on weight!!! I want your metabolic rate.

    Good to know you had a great time with your folks :))


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