Thursday 21 October 2010

When I met Arjun Rampal !!!


It was just another normal autumn morning. I entered the bus to work. The bus was nearly full. I headed towards the only empty seat at the rear side of the bus. A gentleman was sat on the window side of the seat who moved aside to make place for me to sit. I sat by his side and then looked at him to just smile and thank him.....and OMG!! What do I see???? The gentleman was none other than ARJUN RAMPAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was gobsmacked!!! I coudnt believe my eyes...jsut kept looking at him...wondering if it was really Arjun Rampal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....OMG !! OMG!!!! It was  indeed AR!!!!! What a morning!! Once in a lifetime kind of thing.......

AR: Hello

ME: uh..He..hello ...Are you...uh...uh...emm.... Arjun Ra..uh...ampal?

AR: ( smiling) yes I am , Thank you for recognising .

Me: ?????????? one who watches bollywood movies will have difficulty in recognising you. Are you really Arjun Rampal??
 [ foolish question, I know....but I still could not believe I was sat next to Arjun of the best looking Indian man...OMG!!]

AR: :)...:).....why don't you believe ?

Me: usually celebrities travel by bus like this.....

AR: why not? are we not normal human beings?

Me: certainly you are normal...but

AR: What's your good name?

Me: I am Always Happy

AR: I am AR.  (Shakes hands with me)..Glad to meet you.

Me: Shakes hands with AR
 (trembling...still couldn't believe my the same time thanking God for this day....for the first time in 5 years I felt good about living in England...cant imagine sitting next to Arjun Rampal in a bus in India.....AR would have been surrounded by millions of fans by now if it was India...AR would not have spoken to me like this....thank u God...thank you)

Me: Where are you going, if I may ask?

AR: Just going to Leicester Square to meet an old friend

Me: Ah..I c. Are you shooting for a film?

AR: Na, I am here on a short holiday.

Me: I see.

Silence.....(I was not sure what to speak. AR is more handsome off screen than on screen.....)

I asked for AR's autograph and then got one of the co passengers to click a photo of me with AR on my mobile phone camera. I wouldn't miss this opportunity for anything.....such things don't happen everyday.

Silence prevails.........



It's 06:45AM Thursday 21 October 2010......Time to get ready to go to the daily grind......oh well!!

THINGS LIKE THIS DO HAPPEN - when you are not awake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. ohhh..I really thought you got a golden opportunity of meeting him.Well hope your dream comes true.All the best:)

  2. How I wish Yasha it was a reality and not a dream!!

  3. I was thrilled at seeing the title.Sigh it was a dream! Hope you get to meet him in real :)

  4. hey Ajay, thank you for coming back to my blog. I hope too that I can meet him in real one day.

  5. man that description was so real i thought u had actually met him! But ATB for next time... hope u meet him, and many others, soon!

  6. Yaar kum se kum sapne to achchhe dekha karo....

    Arjun Rampal enters the bus and finds only one seat free in the back of the bus...he looks at his fellow passenger and his jaw drops, "Oh my God! Are you really Always Happy??"...


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