Tuesday 12 October 2010

People Watching

The act of watching people and their interactions - people watching is one of my good old casual hobbies.Yes,it is a hobby that I have been pursuing since my childhood .......particularly on my way back home at the end of each day .....I have always been interested in watching the way people act, dress, talk, walk, laugh etc...basically trying to understand chaal chalan of people. It is a great form of free entertainment, a source of inspiration and most importantly since the time I have been bitten by the blog bug, it has been a creativity wakener too.

Things that I have learnt from watching characters that I run into on a dialy basis- at bus stop, coffee shop, park, shopping mall, offiice and anywhere and everywhere is endless.... there is no dearth of people, is there? The other interesting thing I sometimes find during people watching is, other people watchers! Some of them probably dont even realise they are people watching until they see something that brings a smile on their face.

Fiction and art imitates life most of the time. In my case, stuff that I learn by watching people or overhearing their casual conversations most of  the time surpasses what I would possibly ever imagine. Someday,  I shall endeavour to post here, from my memory some of the strange, interesting, funny, cool indivduals I ever saw or some of the memorable conversations that I have ever heard during people watching.

Paying attention to surroundings can be a fun filled activity,  a great form of relaxation and above all a great learning experience.

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