Friday 29 October 2010

Life this week - Driving!

This week has been a happier and a happening week for me...the first highlight of the week being me driving to work independently. Yay!!!!  Second highlight being me reaching home safely!! yay!!!

The GOODs and BADs of driving:.

GOODs of driving:

* I don’t have to wake up at silly hours like 6am anymore. Office is only 10mins drive from home. So waking up at 7ish should be good for an 8AM start.

* I don't have to spend an hour trying to get to work anymore. I can drive straight from home to work and vice versa unlike the bus that goes all around the city before reaching my destination...not to mention the time I will save from not having to wait at the bus stop anymore.

* I can reach the office punctually at 8am anymore. yay! I owe no more excuses and explanations to anyone for not being at my desk at sharp 8am!

 * I can reach home in 10mins after work....ah! in time for Sasuraal Genda Phool.

BADs of Driving:

* I don't get to do people watching anymore.. :(

* I can't chat with those friends that I used to meet at the bus stop every morning  :(

* No morning walks anymore. I miss the long walk from home to the bus stop :(

Arrey...kuch paaney ke liye kuch khona padtha hai....

hmmm.. .the GOODs of Driving outweigh the I will stick to the driving for next few months.

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