Saturday 9 October 2010

About Me

There is a lot that goes on in my immature mind all the time that simply needs a medium of expression, other than my constant rambling, ofcourse, with people around me!  I need a platform that welcomes my ideas, thoughts, opinions and frustrations. This is what this blog is for and this is why it is called Dil ki Baat, Blog ke Saath.

Among the billions and zillions of things that go on in mind, one of the things was the idea to create a blog. I created a blog sometime last year but did not get anywhere beyond choosing a blog title and designing the blog. Doing that was fun but when I got to the point of creating my first post, I was in a major dilemma.......Dimaag mein hazaaron baatein chal rahi thi magar unhey kaise bayaan karu, kuch samjah nahi aa raha tha......blogging never went ahead and bas dil ke pannon mein hi daastan likhthi gayi.....once again the idea of creating a blog crossed my mind today. Hopefully, this time round, this blog will grow from post to posts.

ok, so here it first post! is entirely about me and is called about me!...but hang on, who am I?....Gosh! this is such a hard question.....who am I? Is there a certain answer to this question? How can there be a concrete answer? Am I the same person today as I was 20 something years ago? well, the answer to this question is both yes and no...yes, because I am still the same immature, less sensible girl that I was back in those days...and no because I have now developed new tastes, I possess new ideas, new dreams, hopes and aspirations today. I have met so many new people and with all my life experiences, I have evolved into a different person...surely, I will be a different person tomorrow than what I am isnt the question who am I a tricky one to answer?

Coming back to the purpose of this blog....

Mujhey likhni nahi hai kahaniyaan, naa hi likhney hai kissay
Bas mujhey karni hai mere dil se nikli hui baateiin-

Welcome to my blog world. Hope you will stay with me throughout my journey of blogging.


  1. Hey, welcome to the blog-world. I faced the same dilemma when attempted to write about me. It's such a difficult question. Anyway, I liked your lines...ekdum dil se. Looking forward to reading more from you :)

  2. Hello Ajay, Thank you so much for visiting my blog and also for your lovely comment.


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