Sunday 10 October 2010

Thank you Amma

Today I was missing Amma (that is how I call my Mum). I live far away from where Amma lives and I get to see her only once every year. When I was going for my walk today I got reminded of this cute dialogue that took place between me and Amma few months ago:

I had a BIG job interview to attend few months ago... big as in it was a more responsible job than what I was doing then.. not to forget the better salary that it provided...I wanted to give my 100% in preparing for the interview that I decided to take a day off from the job that I was doing then. I was too nervous about this powerpoint presentation which I had to make as part of the interview....I decided to call Amma because I knew she was the only person who could comfort me that day. This is how it goes........

TRRRRRRRRRING TRRRRRRRRRRRRING . (p.s. that is how overseas calls sound at my parents house....looooooong ring)

Amma: Hello

Me: Hello Amma....its me!

AmmaAh! I knew it was your call...( Amma always says this when I call on their landline)

Amma: What's the matter? You dont sound your ususal self .

Me: thinking [thank God, I dont have to listen to what her next door neighbour (who is the subject of our conversation usually) is upto today....] Amma, I am nervous about the interview tomorrow.

Amma: oh that BIG interview?

Me: yes Amma

Amma: but why are you nervous? ( Amma sounded as if I was just going for a casual meeting and being nervous was unusal!)

Me: Amma, dont you remember I have to make a powerpoint presentation....interview panel is composed of director of the department?

Amma: yeah...thats why I am wondering why are you nervous?

Me: ????????? ( thinking)

Amma: Remember? the speech that you made when in school? You were so good...audiences applauded too!!

Me: Amma...this is a job interview presentation.....

Amma: I know beta...thats what I am trying to are so good at making presentations that you will fare well at the interview tomorrow....when you told me last week that you have to make a presentation as part of the interview, I knew you woud get the job.

Me: Really? Do you think I can do it?

Amma: Of course, you can!!!

Me: Ok, Amma, let me now get back to my interview prep...will call you tomorrow...
Amma: Ok beta...All the best.

Me: Bye.

Indeed, talking to Amma helped. I got back to interview prep but I did not stress too much about it...Amma thinks I will get the job...why stress?

Anyway, I wnet for the interview next day and did my best but I was not successful. I was disappointed...once again I decided to speak to Amma as I needed her to comfort me...this is how the conversation goes............


Amma: Hello

Me: Amma, its me..

Amma: How did it go?

Me: No Amma, I wasnt successful

Amma: I gathered that from your voice tone.....but I know you were the best candidate for the interview...the project is at loss as you have not beein appointed as the Project Manager.....your presentation could not go wrong at all!!

Me: Ammaa,,,aarrrgh

Amma: That is the truth were very very good at the should take confidence from that...
and then the conversation continues about the usual subjects of our conversation....neighbours, Amma's cousins etc etc....

Though I was disappointed that I did not get the job I interviewed for, I felt soooooooooo relieved after talking to Amma as forever she thinks I am the best and there is  nothing I cant do. Amma's faith in me always boosts my confidence and keeps me going.

Thank you Amma for loving me soooooo........much. When I was a little girl, you stood ahead of me to show me right path of life, when I was a teenager you stood behind me to lend me support, now that I am an adult you are there beside me like my best friend. I know you will be there for me ever. I may have outgrown your lap but will never outgrow your heart. Thank you and love you so very much Amma.


  1. A touching post. Such are moms! I am sure my mom knows me more than I do. Whenever I face any problem I can't get through, I go to my mom and the problem disappears :) Reading this made me feel like writing about my mom too.

  2. Yes, Moms are so special. Thats why it is said God couldnt be there everywhere, so he created Moms.

    Yes, please do post a write up about your Mom. Would love to read it.

  3. Simple and touching. Very nice. The beauty of it is that our mums believe in us unconditionally, and they simply would not accept that we failed because we were not good enough. And this faith is what gives us the power to tackle ever bigger and harder challenges in life!


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