Thursday 28 October 2010

Leave day !

I have been working non stop for a while now as I have been saving all my annual leaves for my next India trip that is due in Jan - Feb next year. I was beginning to feel tired. So was VV. That is why both of us decided to take the afternoon off work today. We did not have any plans for the afternoon. Yet we truly enjoyed this afternoon. Just summing up what we did this afternoon:

*  Had a nice meal at the Chinese Restaurant in the town while chatting away
*  Did some window shopping while still chatting away
*  Did some actual shopping - bought few clothes, favourite being the cool blue trouser -  I wasnt chatting then as I believe in concentrating while shopping!
*  Walked in the park whilst chatting away
*  Had a nice hot chocolate and the world best bluberry cake at a cafe near my house while chatting away
*  Watched a movie - a very old movie - Wall Street - a good movie
* Simple dinner with some home made Daal, Bhindi curry and rice - heavenly!

Overall, I had a nice relaxed, quiet and peaceful afternoon. Life is good!


  1. That really sounds relaxing AH and nothing for a girl can be more relaxing than going out on a shopping spree.:)

  2. A day well spent! I like simple dinners too. Now I'm craving for rice and Bhindi curry cooked by mom :)

  3. @ Yasha: yes I am up for shopping anytime.

    @ Ajay: Haan Ma ke haath ka khaana is great.


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