Wednesday 27 October 2010

My Ethnic Long Brown Necklace

The Ethnic long brown necklace – I am not referring to the one that I saw at Accessories  which I liked and wanted to buy, but I am talking about the ethnic long brown necklace that perfectly matched with those brown ear rings that VV bought me as a present.

I vividly remember that ethnic brown necklace. It is still my favourite necklace. It was not the only brown ethnic necklace in Sree Bhavaani Kangan Stores, Bangalore when I bought it. It was displayed along with several other ethnic necklaces, but that was the only ethnic brown necklace that I fell in love with the moment I saw it. Every time I wore black or brown kurtis, I would pick that ethnic long brown necklace from my jewel box and wear it.  I felt very nice when I got compliments for that necklace.

I was gutted when the ethnic long brown necklace got entangled with the knob of my kitchen draw and spread all its beads in my kitchen floor. Whenever I wear brown or black kurtis now I think of the ethnic long brown necklace – not the one that I saw at Accesssories and liked and wanted to buy but the Ethnic Long Brown Necklace that is no longer in my jewel box - My favourite Ethnic Long Brown Necklace.

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