Thursday 14 October 2010

Love grows sweeter with age

This morning I was on the bus to work. An old couple got into the bus few stops later.  With the walking stick on his right hand, the woman’s hand clutched to his left hand, firmly, yet so gently, the man led the woman to the priority seat in the bus. He helped her sit and then sat next to her. I couldn’t help watch the couple.  My guess is they were in their late 70s. The best part was once they were comfortably seated, the woman gently placed her hand on the man’s forearm and the man looked into the woman’s eyes and they exchanged a smile. The two of them looked so good together. The couple just travelled silently gazing outside the window. Any time the bus jerked, the man would just look into woman’s eye and ask her in silence if she was ok. In return the lady would just nod her head in approval. Shortly, they arrived at their destination.  Once again, with the walking stick on his right hand, woman’s hand clutched to his left hand, firmly, yet so gently, the man helped the woman alight from the bus and together they started walking towards the grocery shop. The bus moved on. I stretched my neck and kept looking as the old couple walked hand in hand until they were out of sight.

Lost in their own sweet world, the couple displayed timeless generous love and a lifetime of togetherness.

The old couple reminded me of a hindi poem that I read ages ago. I am sorry I can only remember the poem and not the name of the person who wrote it. It goes like this:

Aye mere pyaarey humraahi
Badi door se hum tum dono
Sung chalein hain path par aisey
Gaadi ke do pahiye jaise.

Kahi path ko paaya samthal
Kahi kahi par oobad khaabad
Anugrah prabhu ka itna tha
Ki gaadi chalti rahi baraabar

Kabhi hansi thi, kilkaari thi
Kabhi dard peeda bhari thi
Kabhi Kabhi they bheed jhameley
Kabhi Moun tha, Kabhi lachaari thi.

Rukey nahi path par phir bhi humtum
Liye aastha mann mein hurdum
Pagh drudhthar hotey jaatey hain
Path par jo badhthey jaatey hain

Ithna hai vishwaas priye ki
Baadal yeh bhi hat jaayega
Safar bohat lamba hai lekin
Sung tumharey kat jaayega.

Isnt love a symbol of eternity that grows sweeter with age? It bestows resilience upon mature couples that sees them through all ups and downs, highs and lows, good and bad times and provides strength to keep marching hand in hand.


  1. what a beautiful topic and a wonderful poem.Liked it!:)

    Btw,Could you read this and vote to support me
    +ve n -ve of phones and a Life :

  2. Thats so sweet and touchy!! An appropriate poem support your observation.

  3. @ Uma: Thank you for reading my post. I had seen your blog yesterday. I must say you are every talented. Yes, I will read your work on +ve and _ve of phones and a life and will vote for you. I think you deserve it.

    @Yasha: Thank you. I had read the poem long ago and fell in love with it. When I saw the elderly couple and the love in their eyes for each other, I instantly got reminded of the poem. Glad you liked it.

  4. Beautifully written. I loved your writing style. It had a smooth flow.

    "Ithna hai vishwaas priye ki
    Baadal yeh bhi hat jaayega
    Safar bohat lamba hai lekin
    Sung tumharey kat jaayega." - This is the best verse :)

    Hope you like my post too - When love calls

    Take care! Happy blogging :)

  5. Hello Romeo, thank you for visiting my blog. Glad you liked it.

  6. Hi AH,
    I love your writing, you write simple things and yet interesting.

    This reminds me of a poem I used read in my schooling and still my favorite one:

    गूँज बची है गीत गए, अब वे बासर बीत गए |
    मन तो भरा-भरा अब भी, पर तन के रस बीत गए ||
    चमक छोड़ चौमासे बीते, कंप छोड़ कर शीत गए |
    देख के सुध की उमस आगे बढ़, कितने मधु मीत गए ||
    इसे राम जाने जीवन में हारे हम वा जीत गए |
    इतना ही क्या थोड़ा जो ये गूँज बची है गीत गए ||

    -Maithlisharan Gupt.

    And I'm glad that you observed their love very well.

  7. Thanks for those kind words and Thanks for sharing the poem Sagar.


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