Monday 22 November 2010

Wanted for Mars


Alliance invited from a modern caring, supportive, understanding and compatible woman with traditional values from Venus for a disorganised, care free, non committal, messy cool bloke from Mars to live together on the beautiful planet earth.

Rani Mukherji describes my species as ‘tauliya lao’ types who throws the Bheega tauliya kahi farsh par and keeps the Toothpaste ka dhakkan kahi. I cannot remember birthdays and anniversaries for the life of me. But I always remember to offer my sister’s bestfriend a lift on my beloved motorbike. I am a couch potato who doesn’t help in the kitchen. I don’t like watching ‘bidaai’ or ‘yeh rishta kya kehlaata hai’ but I would not miss any opportunity to watch Formula 1 grand prix or English premier league football.I love gadgets, wearing Armani suits and driving BMW sports car with a chilled beer in hand.

I am a macho man and regular to the gym but there is also that part of me that needs constant nurturing, and at times outright babying .What I really want is a content and peaceful sleep at the end of the day being fully aware that I have a soul mate from Venus with me.

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  1. LMAO @ tauliya lao types. And you are so right about the need for constant babying. Grow up Guys!!!!

    Couldn't stop smiling. All the best for the contest.

  2. @ Purba : Thank you. I think Men will forever remain like that.

    @ Pratibha: Thank you.

  3. Thats a Universal truth!!!:)Good one.


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