Sunday 7 November 2010

Nosey Little Facebook Friend/S

Some People like to know about others' holidays and weekend parties

I am a facebook aficionado. I think Facebook is a great place to keep in touch and share information with friends and may be your neighbour's relatives too! Wondering what that means?

Let me give you a bit of background before explaining what I meant.

Apart from a profile picture, I have no more photos in my facebook album. That is mainly because I don’t think I am very photogenic. But today, I have found another reason to not to post any pictures on facebook.

Why should my photos be a source of timepass for my neighbour's relative who I dont even know?

Ok, so introducing my neighbour's relative - He is one of my friends (well, not really a friend but Facebook calls him my friend) – For sake of convenience I will call him Nosey. Nosey is my neighbour's relative and I met him at my neighbour’s house warming ceremony 2-3 years ago. At the evening reception, Nosey was assigned with the responisibility of welcoming the guests and as far as my memory goes, I think Thank you (for greeting and welcoming me) was the only word I ever spoke to Nosey.

Few days later Nosey sent me a friend request on facebook. Being the nice person that I am (ahem ..ahem..), I accepted the request. After the initial few posts such as do you remember me? Of course, I do. We met at Bhat uncle’s house right? - I totally forgot about Nosey.

Couple of weeks ago, Nosey posted on my wall - ''how are u?''

I replied in a very facebook ishtyle – ''I am fine, thnx. How r u?'' ( to be honest, I wasn’t actually interested to know about Nosey ...I am not being rude here but seriously why should I even bother?)

I did not hear back from Nosey until last week when he posted a wall message asking me ''how come you haven’t changed your profile pic in a long time?''

I was a bit annoyed to see that message. I decided not to respond.

Today Nosey has posted a wall message ''Do u not go for holidays or weekend parties? Y no pics of u? plz post some pics na''

Yeah, right!! Just because nosey wants to do some time pass by viewing my pics and pressing the facebook LIKE button and post comments like ( you look lovely as ever, beautiful, cool, gorgeous etc), I am not going to post my pics there.

Easy...facebook offers solutions to such problems...remove Nosey from my friends list, lock albums, tighten privacy settings etc but I wonder how many more Noseys are in my facebook friends list?

Sorry mate Nosey….you will have to find something else to do or find someone else’s profile for time pass.

I have now decided to purge Nosey and a few other facebook friends, namely the one who used to go to the same tuition centre as I did (that’s it....after school days, I saw this person again only on facebook when she sent me a friends request and even after that we never communicated),  my junior in college who I never spoke to but who is my facebook friend, so on and so forth.

No doubt they will LIKE it and I will get to hear that I am Gorgeous, Lovely as always and beautiful but I should share pics from my holidays and weekend parties with my neighbour's relative, my tuition mate and my junior in college because.............................????


  1. How come he had the gall to say why don't you post some pics! Shameless guy. With ever increasing traffic and number of friends, it gets really difficult to keep tab on what you are sharing and who is viewing what. If at all we want to interact with our friends (and by this I mean real friends, not Facebook friends), there can be better places. It seems Facebook is teeming with all kinds of unemployed, jobless guys who've got nothing better to do :)

  2. I know..he was just being nosey and must have got really annoyed that despite his repeated requests I did not post any pics....
    You are right, there are all kinds of people on facebook...also wat with people with fake IDs?

  3. Frankly I disagree with you... I think you do look photogenic... :D

    Anyhow, you have all kind of people on FB... I have seen people who upload pics by dozen and lament if they dont get enough comments!

    and of course there is no dearth of stalkers and other such weirdos on FB

  4. hey ..thnx for commenting at my post...ya was busy with little little things...

    and yeah FB is full tp...:)

  5. @ Ashish ji: haha...sahi of my facebook friends religiously uploads photos from her trips with her hubby and then puts satus message asking all of us to comment on the photos....and thus gets a ton of responses like rab ne bana di jodi, u guys ook gud together etc....I Guess thats wat makes her happy....

    @Rohini ji: Thank you for visiting my blog. I like to read your posts so plz publish more posts.

  6. hey thnx ...our blogs name have one word in always be happy:)


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