Monday 29 November 2010

Action Replay - light, camera, sound, STOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPP

I visit the bollywood DVD store in my locality once every month to grab the latest bollywood releases. Yesterday, I visited the store with a view to buy primarily Guzaarish. I ended up buying few more. One of them was Action Replay. 

OYEMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! What was the director thinking when he made the movie??? I could not watch the movie beyond the initial 15minutes.

Fine, idea of  'time travel' was ok, although not new. That was the only good thing about the movie. Everything else is horrible. Bollywood certainly needs some good film makers.


  1. oh you should've checked with someone before buying the DVD...I would have warned you not to !!!

    What about guzarish? liked it?

  2. Action!! nice action taken frienD!!
    plz read my new post it abt meditation !!
    Jai HO Mangalmay hO

  3. @Nu: I had not heard of the movie at all. The store owner said, its a nice comedy movie starring Akshay & Aish. I didnt think it woud be this bad...oh what a waste...
    GUzaarish...hey bhagwaan...that was also a waste of time and money for me....too much grandeur for what should have been a simple and serious movie. High time, these filmmakers start moving on with new ideas and new style.

    @ Vish: Thanks. Will do

  4. It's a horrible movie. I gave up after 5 mins. Seriously, there are very few filmmakers who can make watchable movies these days.

  5. @ Ajay: I watched for an additional 10 mins hoping that the movie would get better...but it actually got worse.

  6. Oh thanks AH..I was in a dilemma whether ti watch it or not...Thanks you cleared my doubt.;-)

  7. horrible movie i saw wasted all that long waiting for ti to download and it turned out to be like this


  8. @ Yasha: na dekhna bakwaas. watch do dooni char if you have not already. liked it sweet movie.

    @ Bikramjit: really one of the worst movies of the recent times..

  9. This is a horrible, Indianized remake of Spielberg's fantastic, all-time-hit "Back to the Future". It's definitely a cringe-worthy film, where you feel embarrassed for the actors.


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