Monday 15 November 2010

To the man in the Black Volkswagen Golf


It was very foggy this morning when I was driving to work. Hardly anything was visible on the road. At one point, I thought may be world had come to an end last night and I was the only person alive in the world this morning (yikes...scary...perish the thought).  That was until I saw this Black Volkswagen Golf approaching my way from opposite direction, from behind a parked van, exceeding the speed limit on that road.

To the man in the Black Wolksvagen Golf - Try not to die on a foggy day like this, and if you must, then try not to take me with you.


  1. Some people are so reckless that they put not only themselves but also others at risk. Be safe.

  2. I hope the message reaches the one who was driving,sigh!

    And what a scary thought,really!

  3. Thanks Ajay. I am a new driver. You can imagine right what effect this could have had on my confidence!

    Thanks Nu. Yes I was very scared for few mins after that. Silly man, driving with that speed wasnt going to help him anyway...visibility was so poor due to fog.


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