Friday 5 November 2010

Life this week - Memories of Diwali

This week, I have been drawing on diwali celebrations of my childhood days to make the best of present Diwali.

Jab ghar ki raunak badhaani ho...
Deewaron ko Jab sajaana ho
Rangon ki Duniya mein Aao
Rangeen Sapney Sajao

This particular DD1 commercial and the Asian paints commercial where a war soldier returns home to his family for Diwali - every year these two ads used to be aired several number of times just few days prior to diwali. My enthusiasm and excitement for diwali also used to begin around that time.

Decorating the house with lamps and candles, tucking into sweets, bursting firecrackers, visiting relatives and friends- every diwali was filled with so much of fun and excitement.

I remember a particular diwali. I was 9 year old then. Even to this day I wonder why I fancied buying that red cotton lantern that I saw at the shop across the corner of the road. Papa had bought a yellow lantern that we hung in our sit out. It was a simple  paper lantern unlike the big red cotton lantern that I liked was decorated with star motifs, rhomboid and round mirrors and long hanging threads.

I was naive. I did not understand the value of money then. My Papa, being the eldest of his 7 siblings, had several family responsibilities and monetary commitments. That is why Papa used to carefully spend every single penny.

Papa, brother and me went to the shop that was located at the end of the road to buy sweets and firecrackers. Bhaiya was just interested in the crackers but I was interested in the red lantern. I simply wanted that lantern for our house.

Papa bought us pedas, jalebis, pista chios and the firecracker package that consisted of my favourite sparklers, ground wheels, flower pots, the high flying rockets. But I was still staring at the red lantern in awe.

Me: ( pointing at the red lantern) ''Papa, can we also buy this red lantern?''  

Papa: ''Why do we need another lantern?''

Me: '' I don't like the yellow lantern. I like red''

Papa: ''Colour doesn't matter. Let's get started with the fireworks''

Me: Papa, please

Papa: '' Rs 175 is a lot to spend on a lantern especially when we have one at home''

Me: Papa, please please?

Papa gave in to my demands finally. That was very unlike him though. He would normally explain me the value of money. Probably Papa's heart melted when he saw my eyes and learned how badly I wanted to have the red lantern for our house.

Papa bought the red lantern and all three of us set off for home. I was jumping with joy on the way.

That turned out to be my best Diwali ever. The red cotton lantern played a great part in our diwali celebrations that year. But more importantly I realized how much my Papa loved me.

As I write this post, my lips are humming Jab ghar ki raunak badhaani ho..., my eyes are misty.

This precious memory and love of the family , is to me, what makes Diwali so special.

Happy Diwali.

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  1. The images are goreous.. and you write very well.. Here is wishing you a very happy Diwali!


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